anyone received international 3.0 version yet?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by mag, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. mag


    Has anyone received the international version of Parallels 3.0 yet?
    I can't find any information besides "use the update function within parallels" which is only stating my 2.5 build 3188 is the most recent one.

    i bought the update online a week ago and have received until the (wrong) update key for the US-version.
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  2. pogo


    I grabbed the 4128 version from the main download page and used the upgrade activation key successfully - I'm in the UK. It's a bit ropey - BSODs when the Parallel Tools upgrades, but eventually it works.
  3. Mike@Parallels


    Generally, localized versions become available shortly after the US version GA release. As soon as your localized version becomes available you can download it by choosing Check for Updates from the Help menu on the Parallels Desktop menubar. It will download all minor updates available for your version of Parallels Desktop and inform you about the major updates available.
    Our local partners are dealing with distributing the localized Parallels Desktop keys, please be patient and wait for the announcement from them.
  4. mag


    Thanks for the answers. As far as i understand the emailed Update-Key will not work for DE-Version?!

    What does "a few days" mean? Its now a week since Parallels 3.0 is officially out, there have been new builds for the US-version yet, but the update menu still states that my Parallels is the most recent version (build 3188).

    I like working with Parallels and like to pay for updates but the information policy is very poor, sorry. A few words on the website concerning the problem would satisfy most of the complaints.

    Thanks for the hint, but it doesn't answer the question.
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  5. simonr


    Agreed, a simple line somewhere informing international users of the slight delay to their upgrades would strike me as saving everyone (both users and Parallels) a lot of hassle.
  6. eddyk

    eddyk Bit Poster

    new version 4128

    I bought Parallels from the Belgian Applestore. I bought the 3.0 update online. You (well Parallels!) took my money (in EURO currency). When installing with the upgrade key, the installer accepted the key but NOT the (european) key for previous version.
    This is not an acceptable way to sell on line without any information for european customers.
    And I get no replies to mails send to addresses quoted on your pages.
    The only suggested solution (in the Forum) was to use a trial key. Unfortunately I proceed this way. I suppose that now, "my" software being up to date I will not be informed of the finally availability of the pseudo-localized version.
    Not at all a happy customer, which is a pity for a quite good software.

    Note added: Finally, Parallels (the software!) showed me an update was available. I downloaded it (version 4128), installed, entered my Upgrade key which has been accepted and it didn't ask for the previous version key.
    BTW: under About Parallels, version is now 4128 while Get info still gives 4124.
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