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    As most of you are already aware, last week a vulnerability in apache was found. This vulnerability exists in ALL apache versions prior to 1.3.26 & ALL 2.x versions. Apache released new versions to correct this problem last week. RedHat decided rather than to upgrade their RPM's to the latest version (1.3.26), that they would back port the current RPM's with the patch.

    RPM users simply download the latest Apache RPM (check the date) for your version of RedHat. After you upgrade apache, be sure to reinstall the psa-2.5.x RPM, this will upgrade the admin apache as well. Our web site has not yet been updated with links to this, but we do in fact have a new psa-2.5.3 rpm availible.
    RedHat 7.1
    RedHat 7.2

    Standard users will need to download the 2.5.3 patch, and run it. This patch will only work on PSA 2.5.x! If you are running anything prior to 2.5.0 you will need to upgrade to 2.5 first.

    As always, we strongly suggest running a backup before performing any upgrades.
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    Updated RPM info above.

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