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    I published an application from our terminal Server & set it to start automatically for our remote clients (not Employees). So when they start the parallels client it ask for their login, starts the app, they login, they finish & close the app and it goes back to their desktop. Great that is exactly what I need it to do. But if in 5 minutes  they decide to go back in. the client opens but no login request, no auto start. They have to select the app to start it. I think what is happing is the parallels agent is still running in the background. Is there a way for the auto start app to start every time or a way for the agent to also exit when the app closes.
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    Dear Steve,
    We have three options:
    1) Client option -> Launch automatically on Windows startup
    2) Auto start for RAS connection on the Client start
    3) Auto start for published app\desktop
    Having all three enabled gives you your scenario.
    On the RDP session logoff the RAS connection can be still connected and Parallels Client still running.

    Try to set Automatic logoff RAS idle session after to 1 minute in RAS Console -> Connection category Settings tab.
    The option will push a user out from RAS connection and then the user have to launch RAS connection again followed by logon request and #3 Auto start for published app

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