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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Leauki, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Zwilnik

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    The problem with 'Swap CMD/CTRL' is that having recently switched from a hardware PC to using Parallels, I tend to still hit the Control key a lot, which would slow me down just as much as the Windows key being on the Command key. At the moment, it's on the command key (don't want to mess with the registry), so I'm tending to use Ctrl-C etc. in Windows and Cmd-C in Mac OS, but ideally I'd like to get into the habit of using command all the time which I can't do if it's going to trigger the ***** Windows menu every few hits.
  2. rkcarter

    rkcarter Junior Member

    My preference, in order would be:

    1) User gets to pick a key / key combo (or none at all) to map Windows key to.

    2) An option simply to disable the Windows key.

    Another thought occurs -- since Apple+TAB does still work for me (but brings up the Windows menu), intercept it, see if it's the only key pressed, and if not, ignore it. If it is (I guess you'd have to detect key-down, no other key actions, key-up) then use it as the Windows key. I've not put a lot of thought into that, though.
  3. Resuna

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    Parallels grabs the keyboard and mouse at a relatively low level when it has focus - this is how it does things like Coherence mode and how it passes raw mouse and keyboard events to the client OS - so the global assignment of the command key in the equivalent of the window manager isn't honored.

    I can't use "swap command and control" because I have to use real Windows systems as well and it breaks all my "finger macros" even worse than switching from one to the other already does.
  4. lordbyron

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    I use a few adobe products within parallels at the moment, and tried swapping ctrl and command so I could use ctrl with + or - to zoom in and out easily with one hand (I'm using a macbook pro).

    But for some reason only the command key on the LEFT of the space bar acts as a ctrl, not the one on the right. am i doing something wrong?
  5. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins Forum Maven

    I have begun using an external USB windows keyboard (cheap from a supermarket) because the Alt Gr key is so handy

    if it lets me down on the apple side I reach over it to the MacBook Pro keyboard for native Mac OS Stuff

    Hugh W
  6. mmulin

    mmulin Member

    just disable the windows key in windows, and use ctrl-esc instead, and all this is a none-issue.
  7. mmulin

    mmulin Member

    second apple key is no solution. macbook has only one apple key (at least my japanese model)
  8. barefootguru

    barefootguru Junior Member

    So what does disabling the Windows key achieve? Can you then use command-tab to switch apps? (If so, please let us know how to disable it)
  9. mmulin

    mmulin Member

    i already posted solution in this thread .
    you can use command-tab to switch between macosx apps and xp apps (those which register in macosx as PDM apps) without the start menu poping up.

    good luck
  10. mwickens

    mwickens Junior Member

    Thank you mmulin! It works perfectly. You've saved me a lot of frustration.

  11. Quillz

    Quillz Junior Member

    I disagree, I much prefer having the Apple key emulated as the Windows key. What's wrong with just hitting Ctrl+Alt? It works to toggle the OS X desktop, even in full screen mode.

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