Apple M1 and serial port/USB compatibility

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by PaulA2, Oct 26, 2021.

  1. PaulA2

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    Received my new M1 Pro Macbook today. I was able to get all of my Motorola radio programming software required me to go hunt down a Visual C++ ARM64 version for it to complete...but unfortunately since the USB to serial and USB Windows drivers are neither Apple Silicon or ARM compatible, I am left with no way to connect to any of my devices, renderig my VM and all associated Windows processes as unusably sandboxed.

    Since it is not likely that my device manufacturers will ever develop ARM drivers for Windows much less for Apple Silicon, what is the possibility or outlook for Parallels to develop any sort of drivers or work to adapt their broken software (v17.1 changed serial devices to host driver dependancy!) to work with Apple and Windows x86 emulation processes? Some of us need to do more than make the pixels shift and move on the screen with a keyboard and mouse.

  2. AndrewP33

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    Hi Paul

    I am a video calibrator and use usb-serial for all my work and am now hobbled on the M1 so have the same issues as you
    I am wondering if you have had any luck/progress ?? Info on this is either hard to find or completely absent and it seems we are sol unless the arm drivers exist..?

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