Apple M1 chip paralells 17 and autocad architecture

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    thank you, John!

    Unfortunately, this type of virtual installation does not meet the system requirements for using AutoCAD Architecture 2023 or 2022 (which doesn't mean it can't work). Using AutoCAD or AutoCAD based products via Parallels on an M1 chip can cause instabilities or rough commands, other users have reported this in the forums.

    It may be worthwhile to make sure that Windows is up to date as well as any drivers that can be handled by Parallels. You can also try disabling folder sharing in Parallels settings.

    If this does not work, you can try to perform a clean uninstall of AutoCAD Architecture and then reinstall it:

    Otherwise, it might be best to contact Parallels, because indeed, Autodesk provides technical support to ensure that your software is working properly, but this does not include your virtual environment.

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    This is a continuation of my initial post. I desperately need help. I am running windows 11pro and can not fully utilize AutoCad architecture which has a very expensive annual subscription cost. It constantly crashes and have been working with Autodesk technical support for days and as you can see they state that the problem is with Paralells.

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