Application virtualization with SAML and 8 IdPs

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    The following scenario:

    A Windows application is used by multiple (20++) users, each in their own instance. These are to run centrally on an external server. The authentication should be done via SAML, where 8 IdPs (coming e.g. from ADFS) have to be connected. There is no other connection between the external server and the local ADs, e.g. no AD Thrust. The application must at least be informed about the underlying SAML user. The individual user sessions are not needed to be persisted (temporary profiles are ok). A simple file exchange between the application on the server and the client environment is necessary.

    No decision has been made yet whether to have a native connection application on the client (similar to the normal terminal client aka mstsc) or to do it entirely through the browser.

    Question: Is this possible with Parallels RAS? If yes: How much effort - architecturally and financially - can be expected?
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    I don't think there will be a technical problem with connecting RAS with the 8 IdPs in use, RAS should support that as long as the RAS component responsible for authentication has access to the IdPs. I think that setting up temporary profiles is something that must be done on Windows' side unless opting for a vdi deployment. As for file exchange, RDP does have client to server "remote" drive mounting/redirection. I'm not sure if that fits your needs.
    As for the effort, architectural or financial, that is better discussed with a technical sales representative or a parallels partner.

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