APPLICATIONSERVER 6.1 Now Released (Windows 2008 Ready)

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by Lee, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Lee

    Lee Guest

    Can be obtained from Here

    Windows 2008 ready.
    Support for French Language.
    Product Activation over HTTP proxy.
    Security using MAC addresses
    2X Log Viewer
    2X Monitor
    Support for sorting and filtering in 2X Console
    Improved Console Status Page
    Improved TS Agent communication
    Improved associated file extensions startup
    Published Applications can be added to client's Start Folder
    Added support for concurrent licenses of published applications
    Renaming of redirected printers

    Web Access Portal:
    Web Client auto detection.

    Windows Client:
    Support for French Language.
    Installation available for limited users.
    Proxy Support (Socks 4, Socks 4A, Socks 5, Http 1)
    Improved 2X Universal Printing

    Mac Client:
    SSL support
    Published Desktop Support
    Improved Launcher
  2. sbogdan

    sbogdan Guest


    We installed the new beta on the server and the client on a few PCs,
    however it seems that the load balancing isn't working anymore.

    We have two servers and all the users get redirected to the 2nd server.

    Can you confirm that this is a problem in the current Beta? How can we help in troubleshooting this ?

  3. nixu

    nixu Guest


    From the 2X Console -> Information -> status, are the CPU, MEM, and Session values getting updated???

  4. sbogdan

    sbogdan Guest

    So, at Servers the CPU, Memory and Active Sessions are NOT getting updated, however downwords, where it sais Sessions on Terminal1 and Sessions on Terminal2, the no. of sessions seems correct and in enumerates all the sessions and users.
  5. jvandenbroek

    jvandenbroek Guest


    Awesome to see that proxy support has been added!
    One question about this: Would it be possible for a future release to select an option which automatically take over the system's (internet explorer) proxy settings? Other than that, many thanks for adding this long wanted feature, great work!
  6. kmyerqsv

    kmyerqsv Guest

    Re: NEW BETA APPLICATIONSERVER 6.1 (Windows 2008 Ready)

    Hurrah! Will the 6.1 beta client work with the 6.0 AppServer? The "Improved 2x Universal Printing" is the fix I've been waiting on, but I'm not ready to do an en masse upgrade yet. However, if I can upgrade a few clients to 6.1 and test, I'll do that, so long as it will be backwards compatibile to a 6.0 server..
  7. sbogdan

    sbogdan Guest

    Any news about the Load Balancing problem in the 6.1 beta ?
  8. nixu

    nixu Guest

    Hi, a new beta version (6.1 build 460) has been uploaded, with this issue fixed.

  9. Rene3


    Great job, on the proxy support. just tested it with some clients that had trouble connecting because of a proxy, and they can connect fine now.

    Do you have an estimate of the final release, as I don't want people to be using beta releases ?
  10. sbogdan

    sbogdan Guest

    Hello again!

    Again a bug report for 6.1 beta (458).
    When using EMF printing, only the LAST page of a document gets printed on the printer.

    So, if the document has 3 pages, only page 3 is printed.

    This only happens with EMF printing, PDF is working fine.

  11. Rene3


    A small request for the new version.

    In the new version could you mayby add the VeriSign Intermediate CA Certifacate to your Trusted.pem file, so I don't have to repackage the msi file for each release :)

    You find it here: ... index.html
  12. zippo


    Re: NEW BETA APPLICATIONSERVER 6.1 (Windows 2008 Ready)

    Yes 6.1 client is fully backward compatible and can be used with previous servers. You can mix clients, of course some of the new features cannot be used as they require a server upgrade.
  13. kmyerqsv

    kmyerqsv Guest

    Re: NEW BETA APPLICATIONSERVER 6.1 (Windows 2008 Ready)

    What is 2X Monitor supposed to do? When I choose it from a menu, or try to launch from a command line, nothing happens. I can see the TuxMonitor.exe process running but not sure how to interact with it, or what its monitoring :)
  14. nixu

    nixu Guest

    Re: NEW BETA APPLICATIONSERVER 6.1 (Windows 2008 Ready)

    2X Monitor launches an application that recedes in the tray icon. This will notify you of any notifications and easily allows you to open the 2X Console and the 2X Log viewer.

  15. nixu

    nixu Guest

    APPLICATIONSERVER 6.1 Now Released

  16. shinola

    shinola Guest

    6.0 Client with 6.1 server?

    Opposite question from above, does the 6.1 server support the 6.0 clients?
  17. nixu

    nixu Guest

    Re: 6.0 Client with 6.1 server?

    Yes ApplicationServer is backwards compatible with older versions.


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