ARM emulator for prototyping

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  1. RedFoxy Darrest

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    I do a lot of work with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and ESP8266, it will be wonderful if you'll support that board in your VM, like a way to install and use Raspbian and other distro about that boards, I'd really like to make all my test with Raspberry Pi directly with a virtual machine that emulate the GPIO pins, it will be a wonderful platform to learn and test it
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  2. Specimen

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    Well, you are asking for an emulator/simulator, meaning a program that emulates a different architecture, that's not what PDM does, Parallels runs OSs that run on the same architecture as the Host which is Intel x86/x64. Not that this couldn't be added to PDM, but it's a totally different program.

    You might want to google arduino/raspberry Pi simulator/emulator.
    Or check this out:
  3. RedFoxy Darrest

    RedFoxy Darrest Bit Poster

    mmm that's true, sorry :p
  4. Ajith1

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    Thank you for sharing your feedback. Yes, @Specimen is right. You cannot emulate/ simulate different architectures in Parallels Desktop. You can use Autodesk's Circuits or PartSim simulator.

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