Asking a favor from someone on M1/M2 Mac using licensed Win 11 for ARM - QuickAssist

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    I need for someone to test this for me. This person or persons has to have the new licensed version of Windows for ARM. I think it costs around $200.

    Here is why. I bought and installed Parallells for Mac Business Edition several months ago, before Microsoft released their new version a few weeks ago. The main reason I want and need Parallels at all is to help friends with their Windows problems. I got rid of my Windows desktop computer and saved that space on my desk. On an actual Windows computer, I would launch the built-in Windows utility called QuickAssist (shortcut Win+ Ctrl+Q), then, with my friend's permission, control their machine remotely while speaking with them by phone. OuickAssist is FREE and works perfectly.

    What I discovered with Parallels is that QuickAssist would not finish loading and launching. So, I requested a refund and uninstalled Parallels.

    Fast forward to now. I am asking for someone to PLEASE see if QuickAssist works now. If it does, then I will not only buy the license for Parallels, but I will also buy Microsoft Windows 11 for ARM. You see, there is no point in buying Windows (non-refundable, I think) only to find myself back where I started.

    Besides. as vou all know. it takes time to set all of this up. SOME of vou who have already done this could do me a solid and let me know YES or NO.

    Thank you for helping.
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    Quickassist doesn't work on Parallels/ARM

    Parallels Desktop latest version, licensed Windows 11 Enterprise

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