Assignment of USB devices still won't work properly

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    After several calls and late night sessions with Parallels' support, I am asking you to fix the issue of USB device assignment.

    All (!) of my USB devices are assigned to my virtual Windows 10 machine in Parallels, but in four out of five cases this assignment won't work and I have to do it manually. This really, REALLY sucks - since it always worked reliably in previous versions (earlier than 12).

    Version 14.1.0 (45387)
  2. Elric

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    please post here number of some of the support tickets. I'd want to take a look on detailed description of the issue
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    I had problem with power management setting, so first check your power management settings:

    1) Open Device Manager.
    2) Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers branch tutuapp apk.
    3) Double-click the first USB Root Hub device in the list, and click the Power Management tab. (If you see only one USB Root Hub device, that's fine)
    4) Un-check the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power checkbox, and click OK.
    5) Repeat steps 3-4 for each USB Root Hub device in your list of Universal Serial Bus controllers.

    Hope this will resolve your issue.
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