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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by rmeyer52, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. rmeyer52


    Whoever on the Parallels team reads this I believe that there is a serious issue which needs to be addressed

    As you can see from the people on this site the lack of tech support for your product is nothing short of appalling. I myself sent several eMail a while back which to this day has remained unanswered and your "pay for call" is a disgrace.

    If you can't afford a high level of technical support than I suggest you take this product off the market or raise the price as to supply a good level of knowledgeable support to help people that have issues.

    Your product, when it works, is good but in today's market where consumers have a number of choices your time to get it right is short. Brand equity is important because consumer generated media can hurt your product and lead to declining sales.
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  2. ericchiu


    No... parallels is always better, parallels crew dont giv a damn wot vmware is doing ( trying to play in a big way ).
  3. strells

    strells Product Expert

    First of all, it really doesn't help to threaten, even if you are saying they should "head" a warning (whatever that means; I can heed a warning, but my head has nothing to do with it). Second, why don't you try asking questions here (hopefully with better spelling and grammar) to see if other users, such as myself, can help?

  4. dkp


    [Get Organized!]

    Spelling flames suck as do grammar flames. The point is there are problems with the Parallels support system and people are noticing. Even poor spellers have money and can choose to spend it elsewhere if this problem isn't resolved.

    As for these forums - They're a bit of a mess from all the concurrent beta versions and now three released versions, and surely soon there will be other beta versions showing up. It has been suggested that Parallels work on the structure of the forums to make them more useful and valuable as a resource but not much has happened there. I recently put the question to Ben, again.

    So in the mean time we users can adopt some simple organizational protocols by including information in the title of our posts that can help sort things out. For example, someone running version 1970 might prefix their title with [1970]. Another is [3150 boot camp] for someone with issues with that version and boot camp. Or [3186 USB] for USB problem related to the current release.

    Some FAQ type guidelines can be helpful, too. For example a lot of people have network problems but they share little useful info when they show up here with a question. They don't know if it is a name server problem or a tcp/ip problem. Based on my experience trying to help out here the same questions have to be asked over and over to get to the corrective action point. Network problems can be NIC configuration, host or guest config errors, dhcp failures, manual configuration errors, routing, netmasks, DNS, firewalls, NAT side effects, etc. Each of these can be quickly tested with simple tools, and here's an opportunity for some kind soul to write a quick system scanner that provides a quick summary of the host and guest networking. Anything is better than asking and answering the same diagnostic questions for each person with a problem.

    There is an opportunity here work with Parallels to develop these things, or for a privateer to establish an external reference site that can be referenced from this forum.

    It's just something to think about instead of getting distracted by speeling errors.
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  5. ksenks

    ksenks Parallels Developers

    My apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for sharing your ideas to us. We're struggling to improve our quality of services delivered according to your and many other notes.
    Considering the forum we do have a new project of re-organizing it. We want to make it more useful for users so that prefixes will be redundant.
    I am willing to discuss the forum changes here, and we welcome your feedback and ideas. Please, feel free to contact me on this matter.
  6. wesley


    My suggestion? A subforum for every public build released regardless of beta/RC/GA status. Hire / volunteer a forum moderator to do organizational stuff.
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