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    after upgrading from version 17 to 18 (now 18.1) not all authentication domains are found. Unfortunately, this means that people who have not defined a domain in the connection properties in Parallels Client can initially authenticate and see the published applications, but cannot access them. When users try to access them, they receive an error message that the username or password is incorrect. I have already described the problem to a support staff member after upgrading to version 18 and hoped that there would be a fix with version 18.1. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

    To reproduce the problem:
    - RAS servers are in the domain "contoso.local"
    - Published servers, applications or others are in the domain "example.local"
    - No domain defined in Parallels Client connection properties

    In the RAS Console, only the domain "contoso.local" is displayed under Connection > Authentification under "specific".
    Even if "All trusted domains" is selected, this does not help.It is mandatory to define the domain in the Parallels Client, otherwise access will fail.
    This was not the case before version 18.

    Is this a bug or a desired change?
    I just want a solution on how we can make the situation easier and less confusing for the users.

    Best regards

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