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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by JWM, May 25, 2006.

  1. JWM


    auto start up does not work after booting osx

    I have tried to have Parralels to auto start after booting my imac g5 isight, but all I get is a message stating that not all drivers are available and that installing them takes time so please start parralels later on... the paralels toolbar does not complete in this proces, so I can not use the bug feature there to send in this mishap.My wish is to have Parallels started automatically after booting osx, even in full screen mode if wanted so that for the desired account the machine appears a windows machine entirely.


    ps the ability to use isight would be a big help...
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  2. philnewts


    See my other post I too am having the same issue but have since realised that it is not just related to auto start, what build are you using?
  3. MarkHolbrook


    While I have not tried to autostart on login I have several times while in a hurry clicked on my VM right after boot and gotten that message.

    It seems that the needed Parallels drivers are just slow to load.

    I would suggest you try an AppleScript that would run on login. Give it a delay of say a minute or so then run your VM. I'll bet it will work. Just giving it the time to get everything loaded.

  4. tgrogan


    This doesn't happen under Linux because all drivers are loaded before the gui is started. Seems like a logical thing to do....

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