Would you like to have a Auto-Login for Linux, Windows or other OS?

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  2. No

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  1. ChrisParallel

    ChrisParallel Bit poster

    When using a virtual machine for certain applications, then the login process to the OS is just time consumption and needless effort.
    E.g. I use Telegram and WhatsApp on Linux with a VPN. When My Mac is on, it is no problem that the access is unprotected.
    Provide a Auto-Login feature for the virtual machines. Or if hardly possible a insert login data function, just a button that pushes the characters in the virtual machine. Or use TouchID to insert it.
  2. GlenC2

    GlenC2 Bit poster

    Yes please. The password policy is really not necessary outside of a corporate environment and is a time-consuming hassle. Parallels support, please tell us how we can disable it.
  3. GlenC2

    GlenC2 Bit poster

    Nevermind, I found how to disable this. Go to Settings > Users. Enable the toggle for auto login for your user account.

    Then, to disable auto screen lock go to Settings > Privacy > Screen Lock. Change settings here to Never and disabled.

    Haven't used either Parallels or Fedora long, not sure if this is a Parallels thing or a Fedora thing. The password policy in place seems too strict.

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