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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by chell, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. yay

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    It turned out that is not only me who has problem with running AutoCAD with Parallels (bootcamp virtual machine). The problem is when Autodesk poducts are run their license becomes deactivated.
    I looked through some forums and discovered that it is an old problem and seems it's still not resolved.
    The only way i was able to find to run AutoCAD without license problems is to make with parallels another one virtual machine (not a bootcamp). There you will not get problems with Autodesk licenses.
    Can anyone explain why it doesnt work with bootcamp virtual machine and it does work good with a separate windows virtual machine?
  2. Gerald C

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    MacBook Pro can handle it

    I'm running a MacBook Pro, 2.66 GHz Intel i7, 8 GB RAM with Parallels 6, Windows 7, 64 Bit (4 GB), AutoCAD 2011. I have experience working with AutoCAD 2006 - present on a PC platform, as well. There is a negligible delay in AutoCAD (less than a quarter-second) between touchpad movements and the response in the software. The biggest issue is the multiswipe zooming, which, while supported in Parallels, is poorly interpreted in AutoCAD.

    I've helped setup other macs with Parallels and AutoCAD. You NEED to spec out your computer. Anything less than the 2.53 GHz Intel i5 and 4 GB RAM has a delay and decrease in graphics quality.
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    I just wanted to say, what a useful thread regarding mouse panning and generally mouse type issues!

    Also, having been provided with a computer far from my original spec, for the convenience of the company I work for, I have found it quite tolerable, although lacking the power I had hoped for. I know I have to tweak a little, but I was hoping not to really.
  4. bikerchris

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    A little update from me, Parallels has now been taken off the Mac. Bootcamp has shown very reliable results and I have all function back without hours of online research trying to find solutions to problems...yey!

    JAMES C VENTURI Bit poster

    parallels 6, autocad 2011 jumpy mouse


    I'm running Parallels 6, Windows 7 on a new sandy bridge iMac 27" 3.4Ghz with 16Gb ram and 8Gb on parallels.

    Everything runs pretty well except for Autocad 2011. The mouse is a bit jumpy and panning sucks with jumpiness when compared to bootcamp on the same machine.

    It doesn't seem like I am taxing the resources of the machine, it just seems like there are some mouse issues in terms of lack of smoothness.

    Anyone have any ideas?


  6. txrpls

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    I'm running AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 on a Mac Book Pro 17in. i7 with 8gb without any problem at all. I have 3gb allocated to Win & 64. I'm waiting on my chips to kick the Mac to 16gb and will increase Win to 6 or 8gb.
  7. Baddawg

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    I have used AutoCAD 2000 on Parallels 6 running Windows XP SP3 with no problems now. I have a MacBook Pro Unibody with 2.8GHz processor 8 GB RAM 500GB HD running Mac OS 10.6.7.
    I don't know about newer versions of AutoCAD but I think they run similarly without any issues.
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    Autocad & revit taskbar


    I'm running parallels 6 with windows 7 and have a really annoying problem with both autocad 2011 and revit 2011.
    As you can see in the screenshot my task bars are pink/yellow/orange and change colors all the time.
    I don't know how to solve this. Is there someone else who has had this problem before? I have tried installing older
    versions of autocad and revit without any result. Can someone please help me?


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  9. apd21a

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    Install problems Revit on parallels

    I have been trying to install a trial version of Revit in parallels. I get an error message that says the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows. I'm running windows 7 on an i7. It installs under bootcamp, but not with parallels. Any ideas?
  10. Specimen

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    Check to see if you're running the 32 bit version of Windows and you're trying to install the 64 bit version of teh Revit trial.
  11. apd21a

    apd21a Bit poster

    Both are 64 bit and I have tried downloading the 32 bit and that didn't work either. I have it working in bootcamp using the same download and windows 7.

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