Automatic suspend for VMs on external disks

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    I would like the guest VM to detect inactivity similarly to how it detects it for the purpose of going to sleep but then also trigger a suspend action or some kind of automatic snapshot of the running VM. The purpose of this is to be useful for VMs that are stored and used on external drives and it is to protect against data loss in the event that the drive is unplugged under certain scenarios. Note that this is not intended to prevent data loss when the user disconnects the drive intentionally after just having finished working in the guest but not shut it down or suspended it.

    It is intended for the scenario where a user works all day in a guest and constantly leaves and returns to the Mac. Sometimes the user will close the lid on the Mac and allow the system to go to sleep. When this happens the guest has gone to sleep also, but one cannot disconnect the external drive because it will corrupt the guess. It would be neat if when the Mac goes to sleep the guest goes to suspend so that disconnecting the drive does not result in the guess OS loosing its state and possibly data.

    It would need to be assumed that if the suspend action is not completed before the drive is disconnected that the result would be the same as if the suspect had not commenced.

    The main benefit is that when a laptop with guests running in it is left alone for a while because the user had to go to a meeting or is otherwise distracted then the laptop lid can be closed and the drive unplugged for placement in a carry case the travelling. At the moment the user has to wake up the laptop and guess and either shut it down or suspend it. I think this can be automated in the background for very little cost.


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