AVX/AVX2 instructions + DirectX 12

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  1. xazac

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    I contacted Apple to ask them more info about Apple Silicon family capabilities and they replied to me with this statement:

    They also added:
    Schermata 2021-12-14 alle 13.53.32.png
    So, dear Parallels, you have no excuses now to bring both AVX/AVX2 and DirectX12 to Parallels for ARM architecture.
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  2. Zamadatix

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    According to your own quote AVX/AVX2 can't be brought through virtualization only emulation. Parallels is not an emulator, it's a hypervisor. If you want an emulator that supports x86 VMs go look at UTM w/ QEMU backend and see how dog slow emulators are compared to hypervisors.

    As for DirectX 12 it's absolutely technically feasible to paravirtualize it, I've never heard them claim it wasn't? Lack of support is due to work effort.
  3. xazac

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    Hypervisor or not, Parallels must work on that.

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