Background effects require WebGL 2.0 in Chrome on Ubuntu

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by RichardZ6, Jun 4, 2021.

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    Using the default Ubuntu 20 installation from Parallels Desktop for Mac v16, I've downloaded and installed Google Chrome. However, when trying to use background effects on Google Meet, I receive the error:

    Background effects require WebGL 2.0 - Your browser might not support WebGL 2.0, or it might be temporarily unavailable. Try restarting your browser.

    I tried restarting the browser, and also tried the following as suggested on Stack Overflow, but nothing has worked:

    1) In chrome, go to chrome://flags, and enable "Override software rendering list"
    2) in chrome, go to chrome://flags, and enable "WebGL Draft Extensions"

    It appears that the default installation of Ubuntu on Parallels Desktop maybe missing the correct WebGL2.0 drivers or is using really old video drivers.

    Any suggestions or insights to get this working? Thank you!
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    Thank you for this post. I have been having nothing but trouble with WebGL in Firefox and Chrome on Ubuntu 20 (and prior versions) in Parallels 16 (and prior versions).
    All signs point to a shoddy video driver being the culprit. This is very important, as more and more web content fails to operate properly without WebGL. This is also a primary requirement for my own work. I wonder if VMWare Fusion has these problems...
    I would be thrilled if WebGL could work in Parallels. Any insight or help would be most appreciated - thank you!
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    I noticed that the latest upgrade to Parallels Desktop included video driver updates including WebGL support for Ubuntu Linux, which sounds like just what we were asking about ... but the update seems to have done absolutely nothing. Thanks for trying! Bye!

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