BackTrack on Parallels tutorial?

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  1. bcamp1973


    I'd like to install BackTrack on Parallels. I'm a *nix noob so my terminal skills aren't very comprehensive. Is there a tutorial out there that will work with the latest version of both PD and BT?
  2. Dishing Tech

    Dishing Tech

    How to Install BackTrack with Parallels Desktop

    I created a BackTrack 5 VM Image of my own that you can download, so you do not have to download and install via Parallels, very easy to add to your list of virtual machines.

    Download it Here

    It is the 64-bit Gnome version. It has a few extra features to help beginners get familiar with Linux based terminal commands.

    It also has the following installed that the original download does not have:
    • Parallels VM Image (tested on Mac, not sure about Windows, let me know!)
    • Parallels Tools installed
    • Everything accessible on the desktop
    • Custom built for WEP aircrack-ng penetration testing using Realtek RTL8187L interface (other cards should work too)
    • Easy to use scripts with helpful prompts, minimal typing required to test WEP networks
    • Installed Synaptic Package Manager (keep your system up to date, install packages without terminal)
    • Latest Kismet 2011-03-2 (will require modification of the kismet.conf file for your card) [optional]
    • Link to kismet.conf file on desktop
    • Helpful document to recover WEP key networks manually (simple copy and paste into terminal)
    • Macchanger GUI App (able to change your MAC Address)

    How to Install BackTrack 5 ISO?

    I will also create an indepth tutorial on how to install BackTrack on Parallels, but basically you need to select:

    • Other Linux Kernel 2.6
    • Search for the BackTrack ISO
    • If it hangs, push enter
    • Click the first option in the menu
    • This will allow you to boot into a Live CD
    • Then install by clicking the desktop icon
    • At reboot type at the root command:


    password: toor;

    and to get to your desktop type: startx
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  3. ThierryP


    Thanks for this, downloading.

    Anyway links on Megaupload is possible ? FileServ is Crappy Long ...
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  4. Dishing Tech

    Dishing Tech

    I think I have helped enough

    Negative, my internet is crappy slow and I have a cap.
  5. ThierryP


    Thanks anyway.

  6. Dishing Tech

    Dishing Tech

    BackTrack 5 R2 Parallels Virtual Machine Image Download

    I created a BackTrack 5 R2 Image that can be imported into Parallels. No need to install it through the BackTrack ISO. Much more advanced than the original ISO on the website Downloads and a How to is here.


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  7. ShadowFoxx


    For your R2 upgradable to R3 do you have a hash value to verify integrity? (i.e. no malware)

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