Backup Bootcamp to VM and Vice Versa

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    I did some searching for this feature but couldn't locate and I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest it.

    I make use of a Windows 10 Bootcamp and do use the Parallels feature to access it. I'm soon to upgrade my iMac and I am not seeing an easy way to move the Win10 bootcamp to my new iMac when I purchase. I was hoping that I could "move" my bootcamp to a Parallels VM and when I get my new iMac restore the Parallels Win10 VM to Bootcamp (and keep the VM as a failsafe backup.).

    Is this something that can be added as a simple easy new feature in Parallels or is it not feasible?
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    Hi David,

    Do you reboot to use Windows on BootCamp natively from time to time?
    • YES
      Then users in your situation migrate BootCamp partition using 3rd party vendors tools. The process is clunky and error-prone and requires using BootCamp Assistant on a new Mac too. That is the main reason why Parallels doesn't provide "Restore to BootCamp" functionality.
    • NO
      Then Parallels offers functionality to "move" BootCamp to Parallels VM. You then migrate to a new Mac using Apple Migration Assistant or simply copying the pvm file (which you can also use as a backup as you said).
      Instructions and benefits are available at

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