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    Can anyone help, my hosting company (fasthosts) are crap and aren't giving me any support (my sites been down for 6 weeks now and they are not bothered!) - they don't even know what previous version of plesk I was on (currently 9.52). They asked me to backup all my sites using plesk to rebuild the server as I was being spoofed and they said this would cure it - which it didn't. I've copied the backup to the dumps file in httpdocs, pointed my personal repository to the directory but when I try to upload to the server repository but it can't see the xml files just the zipped files and says i'm using an earlier version of plesk. I've tried going to the root and trying to use the convert file like it suggests in other forums but theres nothing in the bin folder.

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    Hello, your case should be handled by Parallels technical support. As your hosting provider does not enable you any support options, please consider purchasing Per-Incident support for Plesk here:
    or if your Plesk is for Windows:

    Per-Incident costs $75.00

    Once the purchase of the Per-Incident Support Option is completed, a new ticket will be created automatically with Parallels Technical Support. Shortly you will receive an e-mail with the new ticket number. Please reply to that ticket for further technical assistance. Please note that in case our Technical Support is unable to resolve the issue, your order for Per Incident support will be refunded.
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    Yes, usually I use the Ahsay Online Backup software. It is an advanced disk-to-disk-to-disk (D2D2D) backup solution for Businesses and MSPs / VARs. It comes with the most comprehensive features that can fulfill all the on-premises backup, online backup, offsite backup, and cloud backup needs of nowadays businesses. At the same time, it is the most affordable backup solution available in the market.

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