Backups in suspended mode?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by opus_az, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. opus_az



    When doing backups of my Mac, is it OK when my VM is suspended? Or can do I need to stop the VM first?
  2. mcowger


    Having it suspended is fine.
  3. ccparallels


    I supposed there is some subquestions here beyond the most high level one:

    1) Can one backup the disk image file from a suspended VM? I see no reason why not.

    2) Can one restore said file and use it? I have no idea. I think this had two parts:
    2a) In some ways it can be argued you're backing up from a live file system, so as usual, you'll need to backup with caution.
    2b) Can a suspended backup be used at some point later on? IOWs, I'm unclear on what it means to stop or suspend a VM. I'm envisioning normally your run, then suspend, then resume. However, what does it mean to PD to restore from a stopped machine, then resume, since there is no real way to resume? Or does it just have the same effect? I have no doubt somebody has tried this, but what is the official position, it is undefined behavior?

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