Bad Sound while using macOS Sierra (with MacPro/Catalina)

Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by GerritF, Apr 12, 2020.

  1. GerritF

    GerritF Bit poster

    I bought parallels to use Sierra on my new Mac because of an old program which has no support anymore.
    But playing music on Sierra sounds so bad like through a phone (no difference which device or source).
    Any suggestions ?

  2. Hi GerritF. Please make sure that you have installed the latest Parallels Desktop build (15.1.4) and try reinstalling Parallels Tools (Actions -> Reinstall Parallels Tools).
  3. GerritF

    GerritF Bit poster

    I have had 3 support-sessions with parallels, the last was with
    Mikhail Ushakov, no one could solve the problem.
    „Maybe it's fixed with the next update."
    I am very dissapointed, that I spent money for a program, that doesn't work (on a new mac ?).
    I still can't use the software because of the bad sound.

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