Best way to use OneDrive Mac Vs Windows

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Where would you install Onedrive Native Mac or Vm Windows

  1. Vm Windows

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  2. Native Mac

  3. Both

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  4. Dont know

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  1. Sanjay2

    Sanjay2 Bit poster

    Hi (MacBook Pro 15" i7 16GB ram 256Hd)
    At present I am using OneDrive installed on MAC, even MS Office is on Mac.
    I use windows with certain embed compiler (licensed & windows exclusive). I have to compile code which is on onedrive, resulting Hex is used by my shared field staff.
    If I install one drive in windows also too much hdd space will be wasted.
    But what if I load one drive on windows alone? Would it integrate back on Mac?
    Has anyone tried and narrowed down on best way?
  2. DrewG1

    DrewG1 Bit poster

    I have the exact same question. I have OneDrive installed in MacOS, but it's burning CPU and causing excess heat. I'm wondering if I should only install OneDrive in Parallels and then have it sync to my Mac File folders. Even if that works, I believe that means that I'll have to keep Parallels running all day long to keep things in sync (multiple people at work use my OD for business file storage). Is there a better way?

    [MacBook Pro 16" 2019 i9, 64Gb RAM, 2TB SDD]
  3. aIancu

    aIancu Bit poster

    Interested about this topic too.
    I think you can use OneDrive in Windows and sync with MAC but you need to set Custom settings in "Startup and Shutdown menu".
    To be able to access OneDrive fast, i think the "Startup View" must be set as "when user logs in" or "when mac starts".

    Currently i have installed oneDrive on OSX too.

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