Beta 3094 does not start up in Leopard

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by degraham, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. degraham

    degraham Bit poster

    Note, this is under the latest seed available from Apple for Leopard

    Beta 3036 ran with no problem. 3094 appeared to install with no problem. When Parallels fail to start up, I tried to run the uninstaller (to reinstall) but that failed as well. Here's what I see in the bugreports from the /Library/Parallels directory:

    Parallels Desktop 2.5 Beta 2 for Mac OS X version 2.5 Build 3094.0 from 2006-12-21
    Received SIGBUS: Bus error
    Access to fault address: 0x10
    unknown signal sender: 2

    All files/directories under /Library/Parallels look like they were updated when I ran the 3094 upgrade, by the way.
  2. howiefish

    howiefish Junior Member

    has anyone figured out how to get around this or back to* the previous version
  3. Tony Arnold

    Tony Arnold Member

    I'm going to assume because you're using the seed you can work some of this out yourself, but the basics are:

    1. Delete all the kernel extensions (yes, forcibly);
    2. Delete /Applications/Parallels and /Library/Parallels, /Library/StartupItems/Parallels;
    3. Reboot;
    4. Re-install the earlier version (the last beta build worked for me).

    You can find a list of the kernel extensions in /Library/StartupItems/Parallels/Parallels (open it with TextMate or Xcode). I'm afraid we'd probably better end this discussion here - if you've got further questions, feel free to PM me.
  4. peterwor

    peterwor Hunter

    I don't mean to be a jerk or broken record but you all do realize that you are violating your NDAs by posting anything about Leopard in public forums, right?
    Personally I don't really care but I've had several friends who have been booted from ADC for posting Leopard posts in public forums. Apple is kind of sensitive about violations of the NDA and they tend to come after people for this and they certainly monitor these forums.
    You are much better off just filing bug reports with Parallels and Apple instead of taking this risk and posting publicly.

    Just an FYI...
  5. Tony Arnold

    Tony Arnold Member

    Read the posts very carefully - neither disclose any features or errors in the operating system. The original poster should have posted a bug report with Parallels, but the fact is that we were able to help him a little without violating our NDAs.

    You just have to be careful what it is that you say - people know there is an operating system code-named "Leopard" coming, we're just not allowed to disclose anything else about Apple's product.
  6. dbrashear

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    3106 looks the same...

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