Beta 3120 on Mac Pro with Vista

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by kshusker, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. kshusker


    Has anyone had any luck getting the new build to run on a Mac Pro with a Vista VM?
  2. dkp


    Certainly the answer is yes, but what if any problems are you seeing?
  3. Olivier

    Olivier Kilo Poster

    Definitely yes. (Though there is NO Bootcamp on my computers. Pure VM.)
  4. kshusker


    The issue I have been seeing is that when I try to boot a Vista RTM VM on my Mac Pro that it will hang during the boot process, unless I turn off VT-x acceleration (which ends up making it unuseably slow).

    Someone suggested that you could leave VT-x on and just turn down the "enhanced" acceleration, but when I tried that, it still hung.

    I was wondering if this was fixed in the latest build -- have you tried Vista on a Mac Pro with full VT-x and does it boot OK?

  5. Olivier

    Olivier Kilo Poster

    Have to confess I read your initial post too quickly: I can attest it working ok, and with full VTx, on my Mac Book Pro. I have no Mac Pro (without book in the middle) to test it. :)
  6. purephase


    I can attest that Vista is hanging on the latest build at the new Windows symbol. With the previous build I did not have to modify any of the display acceleration settings for Vista to work.

    I upgraded, was able to get into Vista just fine. Then updated the Tools and now it hangs on boot.
  7. chrisdressler


    Having Vista Boot Problems Too...

    I upgraded to 3120 as well and did a fresh install of Vista into a VM (I have up on trying to use Boot Camp with XP as I could never get it to work). My Vista install has been working just fine, but for some unknown reason this morning it stopped.

    When I boot up, the black screen comes up with the green progress/scroll bar thing during boot and at some point the green scroll bar just freezes and the boot stops. No error messages or anything, the green scroll bar just stops.

    I can boot into Safe Mode, but if I boot into Safe Mode with Networking the boot up stops on "crcdisk.sys"

    I'm looking around in Safe Mode (without Networking) to see if anything has changed, but it doesn't look like it so I'm at a loss.
  8. ErBiC


    Solution found!

    [Same issue, where it freezes on the green progress bar thing.

    I created a new, fresh Vista VM, and it works fine. Then I mounted the old VM's HDD image as a second HDD and pulled important files and such from it.

    This works, but it's in no way a solution. Does Parallels really want us to have to re-create our VMs every time they release a new build????

    EDIT: New breakthrough of sorts. I got my old, "corrupted" Vista VM working again. Here's how:

    Stop the VM and disable VT-x.
    Boot VM, which should now work. Tolerate the unbearable slowness and uninstall Parallels Tools.
    Shut down the VM and re-enable VT-x. VM should boot properly.
    Re-install Parallels Tools from the Actions menu.

    So apparently the in-VM upgrade of Parallels Tools causes more problems than it solves. A clean uninstall and re-install seems to work.
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  9. purephase


    My Vista VM came back after the stalled boot-up screen. I restarted the VM 3 or 4 times and it just started working. I did not adjust any of the video acceleration.
  10. kshusker


    Vista still doesn't work for me either

    I am glad to see I am not the only person who can't get Vista to run properly on a Mac Pro. I am getting kind of nervious since we have gone from beta to release candidate and a bug as serious (and apparently common) as this has not gotten addressed.

    I wonder if Parallels has a shortage of Mac Pros in house to test against or something?
  11. prowler


    I had the same problem with Vista when I upgraded to Build 3120. I changed my acceleration level to normal under > Configuration Editor>options>advanced - Emulation Flags. My vista VM booted perfectly. I then noticed that Parallel Tools was not installed at all or not properly. So I reinstalled Parallel Tools and then restarted my Vista VM. Everything was fine. I then shut down my Vista VM changed by acceleration level to high and then my Vista VM started perfectly As per one of the replied in this thread.......It had to do with parallel tools. Note that I am using a Macbook!
  12. gabester


    Tried quitting Parallels?

    I've had this issue as well with build 3036 and 3120 on a MacBook Pro as well. I have noticed that if I just QUIT Parallels (which puts the running VM into a suspended state) then relaunching Parallels a few minutes later, that 90% of the time the VM picks up and starts booting again. Sort of like giving an old PC with a balky HD a kick once in a while to get the disk spinning again...

    However, I don't know why this worked, I don't feel comfortable doing it, and I hope I'm not causing more trouble for myself long-term.
  13. jaybhai


    Any update on this? I am seeing exactly the same thing. Glad I finally found this thread. After downgrading the Acceleration level from high to normal, I am able to startup fine. If there is another fix for this, I would be interested in trying it out... since it sounds like perf. is gonna be a bit worse at the normal level.
  14. NJRonbo

    NJRonbo Bit Poster

    Having the same problem on my Mac Pro. Vista loads and stalls. Will
    try the suggestions above.

    Keep us posted on any fixes, please.
  15. nycruza


    “USE WITH VIRTUALIZATION TECHNOLOGIES. You may not use the software installed on the licensed device within a virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware system,†reads the EULA.

    That doesn’t preclude Vista Home editions from being installed on Macs running Boot Camp, however, since Boot Camp isn’t a virtualization or emulation technology — instead, it makes Windows run natively on the Mac. For now, however, Boot Camp is still in beta development, and still officially works only with Windows XP.

    Meanwhile, the EULA included with Vista Enterprise and Ultimate editions allows that operating system software to be installed on virtual or emulated hardware systems.

    “In short, this means that if you’re a user and you want to run Vista virtually, you MUST buy the highest end versions of Vista, or you’ll be in violation of the Microsoft EULA,â€


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