BETA Release of 2X Client for Linux Desktops 10.6.1439

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    We are pleased to announce that the BETA version of 2X Client for Linux 10.6 has been released.

    Version 10.6.1439

    Download link:

    Change Log: May 29th, 2013

    Added: Redirection of specified drives
    Added: Redirection of hot pluggable drives
    Added: Secondary connections to 2X Connections
    Added: Option to enable logging to file
    Added: Progress bar when requesting list of applications and launching of applications
    Added: Auto-starting applications that are configured from the ASXG Server
    Added: Large and color pointer capability
    Added: Support for 32-bit Color Depth
    Improved: Error message when client fails to connect with the RDP Server due to NLA/FIPS/TLS
    Improved: Listing of local printers using CUPS
    Improved: State of Windows corrected to work on the main Windows managers
    Fixed: Smart card redirection in RDP Connections
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    Nice. Make a two way audio and you rock. Playback works on any rdp client, but recording (headset mic) not.

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