Beta versions of the Plesk 6 Backup and Restore (BU) utilities Updated!

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    Beta versions of the Plesk 6 Backup and Restore (BU) utilities Updated!

    SWsoft is releasing an updated 2nd build of the BU utilities for 6.0.1 build of Plesk 6. These utilities are still to be considered beta versions and for testing purposes only! Several bugs found and suggested additions to the utilities have been fixed and updated. It is not recommended that these utilities be used on production systems unless you have successfully tested them and you personally feel they are working well enough. SWsoft will not be responsible for problems related to use of these utilities on production equipment. These are beta versions for testing and if all goes well will be released with the upcoming Plesk 6.0.2 patch.

    To report bugs email them to and please include the operating system of the server you’re testing on.

    We wish to extend a special thank you to all those users who volunteered to help test the previous build and reported bugs. Your assistance is invaluable and we sincerely appreciate your reports.

    FreeBSD 4.7

    Red Hat 7.2

    Red Hat 7.3

    Red Hat 9

    Best regards,

    Todd L. Crumpler
    SWsoft, Inc.
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    Still up for a release this week?

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