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    we would like to have the possibility to better control account permissions of custom administrators.
    I had created a feature request for this at the time. We are somewhat limited with the current implementation.

    Explicitly we are talking about Publishing and RD Sessions Hosts / Remote PCs. We have organized publishings in folders for administrative tasks. Currently the permissions can only be assigned to folders in the root directory. We would like to be able to assign permissions to underlying structures. Inheritance would also be handy for this. At the moment it is also not possible to explicitly assign permissions to a publishing object. Primary goal is to avoid scenarios where user gets more permissions than intended.

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  2. Sergey F

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    Hi, we are glad to inform you that the upcoming Parallels RAS 19 release provides More granular admin permissions for Published resources.
    The Technical Preview gives you early access to new capabilities and more.
    Please give it a try and let us know if this functionality suits your requirements. Log in to your existing Parallels My Account, download and install the Parallels RAS 19 Technical Preview in a clean, non-production environment!

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