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  1. Skulkd

    Skulkd Bit poster

    In 19.3, when you click an app to launch it, there is literally no feedback that you have launched the app until it has loaded and pops up. It would be great if there was some feedback to the user that the app is loading when you click to launch an app.

    In the previous version the icon would pulse white immediately when you click to launch it, which is no longer the case in 19.3.
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  2. Liubov Kulakova

    Liubov Kulakova Parallels Team

    Thank you for the feedback!
    To better address the suggested improvement, could you provide more details about your experience:
    1. What operating system are you working on?
    2. How long it usually takes for the app to open?
    3. What icon are you referring to in "icon would pulse white"?
  3. Skulkd

    Skulkd Bit poster

    1. Most of our customers use Windows and will launch published apps through the web browser.
    2. It depends on the app and where the user is connected from, but it's not uncommon for an ap to take 15-20 seconds to launch. When you click it takes about 8 seconds for the Parallels client to show the 'connecting' window.
    3. The icon of the application that you have clicked to launch.

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  4. Alex Patsay

    Alex Patsay Parallels Team

    Thanks, @Skulkd. We will file this as an improvement for future versions of the web client.

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