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    Please use more descriptive file names for the files that Parallels Desktop installs on the Mac. And provide better version information in the Get Info display. For example, Parallels Desktop installs the following items in the /System/Library/Extensions folder:


    And it installs the following items in the Library/StartupItems/Parallels folder:


    When I Get Info on these files, there is no Version information at all.

    When I install software, I like to know what is being installed on my hard drive. With Windows software, it is common practice for files to be poorly named with incomprehensible 8 letter filenames such as "vnfqxkjs.dll". But this does not mean that Mac software has to be the same way.

    Since other virtualization applications such as Xen and VMware could conceivably use the words "hypervisor" or "vm", the files installed by Parallels need to be distinguished better. Using names such as ParallelsHypervisor.kext, ParallelsNetwork.kext, ParallelsVMMain.kext, etc would improve readability and prevent confusion with software from other manufacturers.
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