Big Sur Beta 6/7/8 - Network Initalization Failed

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by BrianV5, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. Hi, did you check the issue with a Bridged mode?
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    Hello Support. I just upgraded to Big Sur 11.0.1, and am running Parallels 16.1.1. I'm having the same network problems as everyone else. I have a bridged/bonded network connection on my Mac (802.3ad/LACP), named "bond0" by macOS. It was working fine in Catalina. In Big Sur, "bond0" is MISSING from the Bridged Network drop-down list. Being a bond, individual network adapters will not work. I've tried both terminal commands being circulated in these forums, but nothing is working. I have many NAS shares, so cannot be using bridged mode. Any insight from the development team? Thanks.
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    I've just noticed this issue running Parallels Desktop Pro on my M1 Mac mini with Big Sur 11.6 . I have a triple aggregated link (bond0) and am considering taking one of the Ethernet interfaces out of the aggregated group to use for virtual servers. This would not be ideal as I would have no backup link on the virtual machines.

    Are there any updates on this issue?
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