Blackberry desktop software not working

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by quadgrande, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. quadgrande

    quadgrande Bit poster

    Blackberry still not supported in 3.0

    Same behavior as 3188 :(

    First vendor to support this device gets my money.
  2. darkone

    darkone Forum Maven

    the blackberry wont sync with bluetooth either ?
  3. tholstro

    tholstro Bit poster

    My 8700 works fine with 2.5..
  4. the_oyster

    the_oyster Bit poster


    When I plug in, it tries to do an initial plug in application scan, and gets no further. Just sits endlessly. Doesn't crash, doesn't freeze...just never ends and never finishes. Until that scan actually gets done, I can't make anything work. And all I wanna do is a firmware update to my phone! :-(

  5. mrfearless47

    mrfearless47 Member

    Funny. I have a brand new Verizon 8830. It works fine with Parallels 3.0. Perhaps you need to update the desktop software. Mine came with a newer version than one I had installed and was using to sync and install software with my 7130. I've never had a problem with my blackberry under Win XP (and Parallels) or under OSX using Pocket Mac.
  6. akmedia

    akmedia Bit poster

    Extremely Ticked Off


    I just paid for an upgrade with "expanded support for USB devices" and my BlackBerry still won't sync and just "times out" just like it did with 2.5.x.

    This is completely unacceptable and I am tempted to call American Express to get a charge-back on the $39.99 I just paid to Parallels!!

    Even Beta 2 of VMWare supports the BlackBerry and when VMWare goes final I am switching to that software.

    I will phone the Sales Department after the weekend and demand my money back unless they assure me that the next iteration of Parallels includes BlackBerry support!
  7. dippyskoodlez

    dippyskoodlez Member

    Threatening a company with waving your credit card isn't a magic wand to fix bugs. The developers need information pertaining to the problem.

    Did you try any of the suggestions above, or do you think your credit card wand it going to do a magic trick?

    It seems you also apparently expect 24/7 forum support... because in order for them to assure you they will get a fix.. before you call and demand a refund, would be utterly impossible.

  8. akmedia

    akmedia Bit poster

    dippyskoodlez, I am an IT person and I know full-well that a credit card can't fix code. Though it can, at times, be a motivating factor in getting someone to fix bad code.

    More importantly, in this case, I am a consumer. If you went to Best Buy to purchase a refrigerator and you got it home, plugged it in and it did not keep your food cold, would you not bring it back for a refund? Or, as your suggest, would you just make excuses for the manufacturer and keep it?

    Also, this problem has been around since the first iteration of version 2.5 and I'm not the only one that has pointed this out. They've had plenty of time to work through this issue. It seems they've been concentrating on bells and whistles rather than working on core bugs.

    There have been a few constructive suggestions from other forum users that I will try: 1) turning on DirectX support; and, 2) Reinstalling both the Desktop and Handheld software.

    I will try both and report back.
  9. mrfearless47

    mrfearless47 Member

    I don't understand what software you're trying to install. I use the Blackberry Desktop for Windows that ships with the Verizon 8830. Before that I used the Blackberry Desktop that ships with the Verizon 7130. Both of these are garden variety Blackberrys (OK, not the 8830). I have NEVER had trouble syncing either of these blackberries with Windows XP or Windows Vista running under Parallels 2.5 and 3.0. Normally I don't use Windows for syncing since Pocket Mac works beautifully on the OSX side. However, Cryptmagic, which I use for keeping store of all my passwords and PINs happens to be a Windows program and so I need to use the Blackberry Windows Desktop to synch the cryptmagic desktop.

    So, to be perfectly clear, I don't believe the problem is either blackberry, windows, or parallels. I think the problem lies with your carrier's implementation of the blackberry desktop. Go to Blackberry's web site, download the latest version of the Blackberry Desktop for your model and carrier and see if it works. Blaming Parallels or Blackberry is fruitless since it is unlikely that either vendor is responsible for your problem. I've NEVER had to do anything out of the ordinary to get the sync to work. Boot to windows and Blackberry desktop appears right away. Plug in Blackberry, press synch button on desktop and the data just flows in the proper directions. Same on the OSX side.
  10. akmedia

    akmedia Bit poster

    Thanks for your post. I will try to be more specific about the problems that I have had with regard to my BlackBerry.

    I have used many combinations of Desktop/Handheld software over a long period of time (always the correct Handheld and Desktop software). My handheld is an 8700g (T-Mobile) -- I've always used the GSM software. You are using CDMA software.

    Right now I am downloading the latest 4.2.x GSM version of the Handheld and Desktop software and will see if that works.

    To answer your question about what I'm trying to do, I am merely trying to backup the handheld using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager in Parallels. This works perfectly on my Dell laptop (using the same exact software) and, as I said in my original post, it also works in VMWare's Fusion. In Parallels the connection to the Handheld just times out.

    At any rate, I'm glad your BB is working for you. You seem to be among the luck few. I will say again though that enough Parallels users are having problems with their BBs to point to an issue or bug in the VM. And, it can be inferred that since the same software works on the same MacBook with VMWare and that the same software works on a Dell laptop with the same handheld also leads me to see Parallels as the problem.
  11. niccas

    niccas Junior Member

    Just a word of caution based on my experience - i tried to update the firmware on my pearl. Parallels couldn't connect to the JVM at all. Just hung as you describe. I tried Fusion which appeared a lot more successful - connected to the JVM, erased software, said it was updating system software.. Then the device reset and didn't reconnect to the VM, so I was left with a Blackberry showing nothing but 507 - no apps icon. Repeating the update got to exactly the same point every time, it wouldn't reload the apps after resetting. I had to find a windows computer to get it updated. Boot camp or a windows PC may be the best option for FW updates...
  12. Bit poster

    agreed.......this MUST be sorted out.........
  13. the_oyster

    the_oyster Bit poster

    Sorry Parallels

    Well, I downloaded Fusion. I installed Windows. I updated Windows. I installed a brand new copy of Blackberry Desktop and the Firmware update for my 7130e.

    Plugged in my Blackberry. It connected immediately, and did a full software upgrade. No problems, no hitches, no stalls.

    Clearly the problem is not the Blackberry software. This install is identical to my Parallels install...except it works.

    Sorry Parallels. You lose.
  14. kevinw

    kevinw Hunter

    I have a Blackberry 8300 (Curve) that I am trying to sync with my MSFT Windows XP Pro Guest Operating system and it won't work. There seem to be multiple issues:
    1. Sometimes the phone is recognized by Parallels sometimes not
    2. When it is recognized and I attempt to access the Sync menu in the BB Desktop software to specify what parts of Outlook I want to sync it freezes the Blackberry Desktop Software and the only way to un-freeze it is disconnect the phone. Then the problems merely starts all over again.

    I have tried Blackberry Desktop Version (1/16/07) and also the latest (3/19/07) - no luck

    It is absolutely a bug within Parallels as I have a Windows XP Pro notebook which when I load the same software it works flawlessly.

    So I hope you guys can figure this out, if I wans't on a network that syncs Outlook to any computer from the Exchange server and I can sync my Blackberry using the noebook (although it's a PIA) I'd be dead.

    I assume the issue is how Parallels handles Active Sync (which is the basis for the Blackberry Desktop Sync)
  15. orntwo

    orntwo Bit poster


    I have the same issue, my 8700 does not work, I killed my boot camp partition (which worked great on its own) and anticipated an easy move to parallels, especially galling since they advertise:

    Connect your Blackberry, phone, camera, and MP3 player to your Mac!


    So much for that, I even tried several different versions of desktop software. Presumably someone at the company was able to get it to work, perhaps that person will contact us.
  16. Parabola

    Parabola Junior Member

    Could you please include your Parallels Desktop Version and build, too? Perhaps which Mac model/OS, which USB ports and any other USB devices simultaneously in use (can't hurt).

    Do you also see the follwoing message when running BlackBerry Desktop Manager (ver 4.2.214)...
    <!--- Begin message
    Initial Plugin: Verifying Applications

    Checking the status of the applications on the device.
    This is only required on the first connection of the device to a new
    desktop installation.

    Connecting to the device (JVM)... [Cancel]
    <!--- End Message

    Each BlackBerry of our hangs at this point every time. We use 7100G, 8700, Pearl and 8800 BlackBerry models.

    I'm testing Parallels Desktop 3.0 build 4128 on an iMac 24" Core2Duo running OS X 10.4.10, and a Vista Enterprise VM. The only other USB devices are Apple keyboard & mighty mouse.

    Note: I have never been able to successfully/reliably sync a BlackBerry via any version of Parallels Desktop.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2007
  17. srkerd

    srkerd Bit poster

    I have the same problem here. I have a pearl and trying to connect to a win XP pro VM.
    Parallels 3.0
    BB desktop manager (latest version just downloaded it yesterday again)

    It hangs up the whole op. system including the mac side.
  18. kevinw

    kevinw Hunter

    Sure here's the extra info:

    Parallels Version is 3212 and was I think 3188 before that, neither worked.

    I am running Mac OS v 10.4.10 (just installed yesterday) but the version before that also didn't work.

    Machine is IMAC Model 6.1, 2.16 Ghz, 3 GB memory, I've tried direct connect on all of the USB ports on the machine. The only other items attached and listed under devices in Parallels are:
    Apple IR Receiver (built in)
    Apple Wireless (built in)
    Built in ISight
    Dymo Label Writer Printer 330 (which I have removed on occasion to see if it helped - it didn't)

    Yes I do see that message when the blackberry desktop installs starts up and it appears to run all the way through but never quits. I have to end it manually with cancel. It only happens on the Mac thought not the Windows machine.

    Your last quote doesn't' offer us much hope does it.

    You would think some of the people at Parallels in Washington use Blackberry and would a keen interest in fixing this.

    Sure would be nice to just to plug this into the MAC and have it sync then going to another machine all the time.
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  19. oakbrook

    oakbrook Bit poster

    Synching w/ BB Desktop Manager in Windows VM (Vista Business) is crucial and we urgently request a solution / workaround.

    BB 8700c is recognized in Parallels (Version 3.0 Build 4128), but the handheld drops recognition of the connection (the "connected to desktop" screen clears to return to the BB home screen in mere seconds). BB Desktop Manager still shows as connected to the BB, but there is no synching activity.

    Mac OS X version 10.4.10

    Please advise.
  20. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    Did you see that 10.4.10 will cause USB errors in Parallels? They have released 3214 which corrects at least that error.

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