Blackberry desktop software not working

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by quadgrande, Jun 7, 2007.

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    I cannot see anything, picture is too small
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    Hangs at the point where it attempts to "Connect to the JVM"

    Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac, Build 5608
    BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.5
    MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo w/ 2GB RAM OS X Leopard 10.5.2

    I'm trying to update the OS on my Telus BlackBerry Curve 8330 and the Application Loader recognizes the update and attempts to install, but hangs almost immediately at the point where in displays "Connect to the JVM".

    I've updated everything except the Mac OS: XP is now fully patched up to SP3, BlackBerry Desktop Manager is a fresh install of the latest version, Java is version 6 update 7 (the latest). I've tried different USB ports. I've rebooted everything. It simply doesn't work.

    I've also tried the Bluetooth method described in post #100, which works as far as connecting to the Curve and backing up its databases, but the AppLoader cannot be used over Bluetooth so I still can't update the OS on my BlackBerry.

    Damn frustrating.
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  3. John@Parallels

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    I am not sure this will work, if you have Boot Camp, try to update device ROM in Boot Camp
  4. jonesy17

    jonesy17 Bit poster

    I finally got this to work last night. Here's what I did:

    * ensured my USB cable was plugged directly into my MacBook Pro, not into a USB hub
    * in Parallels, I configured the USB controller for my virtual machine and set it to "Connect to Guest OS". In this way Parallels seizes control of all USB services when you boot your virtual machine (if you have any peripherals like a mouse or keyboard hooked up you may not be able to use them unless the drivers for them are installed in Windows)
    * I also backed up all of the data from my BlackBerry using the Bluetooth method described in post #100 in this thread.
    * Plugged my BlackBerry in via USB
    * Finally I followed the instructions on this site to update the OS on my BlackBerry. WARNING: This completely erased all applications on my BlackBerry and reinstalled the default apps, essentially resetting it to its out-of-the-box settings.
    * I then ran BlackBerry Desktop Manager (still connected via USB) and restored my data (for some reason the Bluetooth restore failed)
    * Reinstalled any third-party apps that were wiped out by the OS install. These apps picked up all of the data I restored in the previous step so I didn't have to reconfigure anything. Your mileage may vary.

    Hope this helps someone out there. At the very least, setting Parallels' USB controller to "Connect to Guest OS" MIGHT help a lot of folks.
  5. NickK1066

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    Odd I've never had a problem with my Blackberry 8310.

    I run the blackberry stuff in my Windows XP SP3 VM that I use for work.

    Blackberry versions:
    BlackBerry Desktop Manager:
    BlackBerrry Device Manager:
    RIM USB Driver:
    RIM USB Serial Driver:

    Only thing I do have todo is select the connection in parallels to connect the USB to the Windows VM to get the blackberry to charge off the USB port.
  6. ourwinter

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    It's Bizarre Because It's Windows

    For the past 48 hours I have been to every forum on crackberry, harryberry, halleberries, etc..

    Someone wrote: "I just unplug it and then plug it back in" so I tried that. It works.

    It is erasing and (hopefully) putting new software on my phone right now. If I had to see that screen again VRN or whatever I was going to smack myself.

    Guys, come on--we all have macs and this is the reason why we don't run macs because your PC needs
    you to jiggle the chord three times and then hit ctrl alt delete twice after walking around the powerstrip
    counter clockwise to make sure Adobe won't crash. It's crazy and bizarre and silly. Unplug and then replug
    when it starts to go dud on you. It'll work.

    If it doesn't... try walking clockwise around your powerstrip
  7. nlauriat

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    Upgrade to Parallels 4 Broke the Workaround!


    I successfully implemented the workaround described six or seven pages ago in this thread. I used Bluetooth to sync my BlackBerry to Outlook successfully for over a year.

  8. IdaW

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    I was having a lot of difficulty trying to sync my BlackBerry Pearl 8130 with Parallels. I eventually got the DM in Windows (Parallel) to recognize my BB. First, I went to Parallels Desktop --> Preferences --> USB. Under Permanent Assignments, I clicked on the plus (+) symbol. I selected Research in Motion - Composite from the drop-down menu. Then under Connect To, I choose Computer.
    After that, i restarted unplugged my mouse and BB from the USB ports and restarted Windows. Once Windows was booted up, I opened up the DM and plugged my BB back in. And suddenly the DM recognized my BB!

    However, I am now having trouble synchronizing my contacts from Yahoo with my BB. Plus I cannot reconcile my messages...but that is for another forum.
  9. TimothyC

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    Missing Sync Runs in Background

    I have a BB 8330 and use Missing Sync to sync iCal and Address Book with my MB.

    I have read all the posts in this thread at least three times. Yes, there are a lot of them. None of them helped me connect my BB to DM using Parallels. When the BB was plugged in, Windows XP informed me the USB device malfunctioned and the driver is unknown. I am a very patient person and worked for over three weeks at least 4 hours a day to find an answer to my particular problem trying anything I could understand.

    I went to VMWare support pages and found out Missing Sync works in the background. These background programs control the USB ports and won't let Paralles or Windows XP (also Vista) use the ports properly. To disable use Activity Monitor found in Applications>Utilities. Select All Processes then filter by entering "miss". The running background Missing Sync programs will be listed. There should be two or three of them. Select quit or Froce Quit if need be. Start Parallels and plug in BB. Windows will recognize and install BB drivers if needed. When you use Missing Sync again the background programs will startup and you will need to disable them again when you need to use BB DM.

    Hope this helps some people as it has made it possible for me to connect my BB every time to Parallels and use DM.
  10. nickcollision

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    TimothyC's solution from May 30, 2009 WORKS. Greatly appreciate the help getting this annoying problem solved. Force quitting the Missing Sync and rebooting the virtual machine worked great!
  11. webmagnets

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    It worked for me too. Yeah!!!
  12. mmallett

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    I can connect to Desktop Manager, but when I get to the "Connecting to boot Rom" stage, I get a "fatal error" message.

    Has anyone solved this problem yet?
  13. ghitap

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    'connecting to boot ROM' error solved 100%

    'connecting to boot ROM' error solved 100%
    i tried tu upgrad an 8310 and an 8300 from 4.2 to 4.5 succes.tried on a friends PC and worked just problem was my pc.i recently replaced it with a new one for i tried to upgrad the 8300 on it.same the problem was not the pc,was something connected to it.finaly i figured out that the WEB camera was causing the error.i unpluged it,uninstalled drivers and run BB upgrade again.and worked!in conclusion.disconnect all usb devices,uninstall drivers and it will work.sorry for bad english.hope this will help!
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