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  1. BrianR18

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    I'm a newbie with managing Macs already did a quick google search about this. I was able to find a script to do it but I'm not sure how to deploy this yet.

    sudo networksetup -removepreferredwirelessnetwork en0 GuestNetworkName
    exit 0"

    Is this possible using the Configuration Profile or is deploying the Bash Script via Package Deployment the only way to do this at the moment?
    We need to block a WiFi AP because the Macs are unreachable by PMM when their on this network.
  2. TimofeyF

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    Hi Brian,
    You can create a configuration item with your script as a remediation script, and then deploy a baseline with this configuration item to a Mac.
    You will also need to write a detection script, which will decide, whether you need to run your remediation script or not. This way you can make a deployment with recurrent execution in case you expect someone will enable wi-fi accidentally (or not), and block it again.

    Take a look at the section "Using Discovery and Remediation Scripts" in our Administrators Guide.

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