Bloomberg Thinks my Windows 11 OS is 32 bit on my new M2 Max Parallels 18

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by OriU, Feb 2, 2023.

  1. OriU

    OriU Bit poster

    I am using Bloomberg seamlessly on a M1 Max running PD18, and recently got a M2 Max and Bloomberg thinks my Windows 11 is 32 bit (Windows 11 is the only version of Windows that DOESN'T have a 32-bit version) Any ideas why or how to fix this?
  2. YingY

    YingY Bit poster

    I tried this on my new M2 Pro (running PD18 and Office 365)

    1) Run terminal installation in compatibility mode for Win8
    2) Run office add-in installation in compatibility mode for Win8
    3) Log in to your terminal
    4) Open any spreadsheet. Bloomberg will ask you to repair the office add-in. Click repair (and shut down Excel)
  3. TTR

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    A couple of weeks ago I installed Bloomberg on a Mac Studio Max in Parallels without problems. My new Mac Mini M2 Pro will not install Bloomberg. Same problem. Bloomberg sees Parallels as 32 bit Windows.
    Could Parallels look at this problem?

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