Blue Screen of Death

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Brandon Rogers, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Brandon Rogers

    Brandon Rogers

    I installed 5 and got the blue screen of death - called support for 6 hours - no one could help. They told me a second level tech would call in two days. That doesn't help me now! Tech then told me to go into registry in boot camp and delete a few things. BOOT CAMP crashes. I know just finished reinstalling my XP on BOOT CAMP but now have to re-install all my software. Just tried 5 again after the new install. Hung up on the configuration?? PLEASE HELP
  2. max_y


    blue screen

    i am getting bsod as screen doesnt stay up long enough to even see what it says.
  3. iMac


    I had this problem and after a few hours touching everything I solved changing the number of CPUs to 1. Then Windows could start, installed Parallels Tools and could change the CPUs again to 2...
    Hope this helps.

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