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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by AlbertoB4, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. AlbertoB4

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    Hi, i'm using parallels 16.3.2(50531) Technical Preview on MacBook Air M1. I've installed a Linux Kali and a Ubuntu 20.04 VM but bluetooth doesn't works on both. On system preferences and also on Parallels preferences seems all ok and the application is authorized to access to bluetooth.

    Can someone help me please? :(
  2. Hello, please sorry for the delay in response. Did you check the same issue with the newest Parallels Desktop version?
  3. BonazziR

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    Same problem with ubuntu e also no audio
  4. BonazziR

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    Parallels Version 16.5.0 (50692) PRO - Bluetooth not work
    bluetooth not active, I select active from the control panel, but it does not activate.
    I have installed Ubuntu (downloaded from parallels), the audio with iMic works it is always necessary to physically connect it (connected via usb and listed in the peripherals always available).
  5. Hello, could you provide us with the technical report please?
    Please collect it once the issue reproduced and post the report's ID here.
    Looking forward to your reply.
  6. BonazziR

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    [QUOTE = "Maria @ Parallels, post: 884966, member: 165186"] Ciao, potresti fornirci il rapporto tecnico per favore?
    Raccoglilo una volta riprodotto il problema e pubblica l'ID del rapporto qui.
    In attesa della tua risposta. [/ QUOTE]
    Salve, ho inviato i dati come richiesto e la segnalazione tecnica 367273139 , con allegato immagine di "impostazioni" in os Ubuntu Ver FOCAL con pannello Bluetooth disattivo e picker invece attivo.
    Resto a disposizione

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