Bluetooth support on virtual machines w/ Parallels Desktop for Mac?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by kenken, Feb 12, 2007.

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    install on VM?

    I am trying to do this...... where is the VM?

    5. Find the "Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP.exe" and copy inside your VM.
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    You can find the .exe file based upon the instructions in the thread. When you want to copy it to your vm, just drag and drop it and it will copy to the VM desktop. Then install.

    The question I have is, if I am using Bootcamp, and using PDM to access bootcamp, and I already installed the BT drivers in Bootcamp, do I have to do this AGAIN while in PDM to get the BT to work?
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    Well...I've tried it with my bootcamp VM and I get the good ol' "USB device you are trying to connect to virtual machine is being used by another application..." message. And yes...I've tried turning off bluetooth on the mac...I've tried turning off everything bluetooth related that I know of on the mac...and no ain't workin'. Just get the same ol' error message. While the error message is on though...I do see the little bluetooth taskbar icon pop-up so the stuff should work if I could ever get past that error message I imagine.

    BTW - this is on build 3188 running on a 2.33Ghz MacBook Pro with a Windows XP Pro bootcamp install.
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