Boot camp and parallels - Win7 dual licence needed?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by bfindlay, Jan 19, 2018.

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    Been a few years, but I have recently sold my windows laptop and bought a MacBook. I have been a parallels user for over a decade, and intend to install boot camp, windows 7 (hate beyond words the windows 10 experience) and would like to run parallels as well. I only have a 256G SSD, so space is an issue. I have a single licence windows 7 install disk. My question is this:

    If I install win7 under bootcamp, and then use that as the source for a virtual machine, has parallels gotten smart enough to bypass windows device change security? Before I caved and bought an actual windows laptop, I would run into windows security every time I switched from VM to Bootcamp or vice versa. A huge hassle. Supposedly you could do this then, (according to parallels documentation), but in reality windows always complained, then I had to jump through hoops trying to authenticate my install EVERY SINGLE SWITCH. Not useable

    This was a few versions back. Just wondering what the options are looking like going forward...


    My machine is a 2015 MacBook Pro, intel iris graphics, 256G SSD
  2. Hi bfindlay. If you try to set up a virtual machine using BootCamp partition, Windows operating system detects the hardware change and presumes it to be installed on a different machine. In such cases, you may encounter Windows activation issues. Please refer this article to activate the Windows virtual machine as well as the BootCamp partition.
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    Sorry for resurrecting.. Two questions:
    1. If I delete and recreate bootcamp partition, do I need a new licence?
    2. I activated another Parallels with same system on same machine.. Can I reuse that machine's license?

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