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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by itseme, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. itseme

    itseme Bit poster


    I've just installed the new build and have now this problem.

    XP using Parallels works fine. But my problem is, when i boot via bootcamp in XP than the keyboard and the mouse doesn't work.

    First i got an error on the login window. then i configured xp in parallels so, that it logins automaticly.

    Now i booted again in BootCamp and then windows installed hardware drivers for display,disk usw... but the keyboard and the mouse does still not work.

    All worked perfectly before i installed the new parallels build.

  2. Robster

    Robster Hunter

    Press F8 while booting which will take you into safe mode.

    Install the Parallels files and all SHOULD be fine.

    I had similar problems this morning and everything is working fine now.

  3. itseme

    itseme Bit poster

    which parallels files?where can i download them.
  4. ATXP

    ATXP Member

    I was so glad that the new beta build beta supports FAT32 finally.

    After installing and launch Parallels for the first time, I was so excited to see Windows XP booting from my Boot Camp. Then it's all disappontment for there.

    My MBP's performance seem to be very slow when Parallels is launched. Then I had similar experience of not working keyboard. The mouse was working. As I need to logged in to my Windows XP, I couldn't do much but just stare at the screen. After a while, my whole MBP freezed. Had to do a hard reset.

    Tried launching Parallels via Boot Camp. Strangely, keyboard is back!

    Everything was awfully slow. Then I get error messages like graphics card or some drivers not working and I need to activate Windows XP again.

    Gave up. Uninstall Parallels and went back the Boot Camp way. Thank goodness my Boot Camp was not mess up.

    I guess I will wait for the final stable release of Parallels. The beta is juz killing me. Great effort from Parallels. But I need something more stable. Thanks.
  5. dcunia

    dcunia Junior Member

    I have the same problem booting from Boot Camp. However, safe mode doesn't help...the keyboard and mouse don't work...either the built in keyboard (MBP 15") or external keyboard/mouse.

    At this point I am not sure how I will proced since I can't boot in directly via Boot Camp. I have no problems booting through the VM, however...

    Oh, well... :(
  6. The Duelist

    The Duelist Member

    Problems With Parallels (Beta3094) & BootCamp Keyboard/Trackpad Drivers???

    Since Acquiring Windoze XP,
    I am now catching up on the FULL Micro$oft Experience
    (3 Full Installs (Including Repartioning) In 3 Days, and Counting +++ ... )

    My System Configuration
    17" MaCBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.33MHz
    OS 10.4.8
    160 GB HD

    BootCamp 32GB (FAT32)
    Windoze XP Home

    I am able to Install Windoze XP Home under Boot Camp No Problems.

    I haven't had much success with Parallels (Beta) so far :(
    I am looking forward to the features offered in the Beta versions
    - Coherence
    - Boot from Boot Camp Install.

    My Experience So Far.

    Parallels Beta 3036
    Parallels VM
    "Could Not Find Boot Camp Image"

    Boot Camp
    Lost Keyboard/Trackpad Control at pre boot screen
    and was unable to select the BootCamp or Parallels Configuration of XP to Boot

    Parallels Beta 3094
    Got a little further with this.
    WinXP VM Booted but Lost Keyboard/Trackpad Control at User Logon Screen.

    Boot Camp
    WinXP Boots but loses Keyboard/Trackpad Control at User Logon Screen.

    "Patiently" Reinstalling Windoze
    The Duelist
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  7. drzeus

    drzeus Bit poster

    I have exactly the same problem! I can no longer boot into bootcamp as keyboard and mouse don't work and it seems to hang when the pop up in windows says "Found Intel USB controller"

    Safe mode also doesn't has totallly rooted the bootcamp installation :(
  8. kd5ftn

    kd5ftn Bit poster

    I would like to chime in that I've also lost Mouse/Keyboard support under my boot camp install. I tried Bluetooth and USB to no avail.

    24" Imac running OS X 10.4.9, Parallels 3094, Boot Camp running XP SP2 on NTFS, previously on build 3036
  9. dailo

    dailo Member

    Did you uninstall BootCamp Parallels Tools on Boot Camp before installing the new beta? I did NOT and I had the same problem. I tried reinstalling Windows via Boot Camp but that has made things much worse. Looks like I am going to have to completely reformat and start over.
  10. dcunia

    dcunia Junior Member

    I did not uninstall the BootCamp Parallels fo Windows...I did not notice any instructions to that effect.

    Now the question is whether or not it is possible to recover from this without having to start from scratch...i.e. reinstall windows on the BootCamp partition and then recreate the profile on the Mac side using BootCamp drive.
  11. dailo

    dailo Member

    Yeah I missed the note to, I jumped the gun. Currently I am trying to recover it, but it does not look like it's possible as all the HAL profiles all messed up. The problem is I believe is when you try to login from Boot Camp it is using the Parallels HAL instead of the HAL you are supposed to use for Boot Camp. I can't figure out how to force it to use the old profile, or if that profile is still even there.
  12. wesman

    wesman Bit poster


    Simple fix. Assuming you haven't disabled restore points. Boot your Boot Camp partition in parallels and the use the restore point wizard to roll back to a known working configuration. I rolled mine back to a config that predates the 2 betas and boot camp is working like is is supposed to.
  13. Ainvar

    Ainvar Member

    I have the no keyboard/mouse issue also. I removed the parallel tools but I guess I needed to remove the parallel bootcamp tools also. The instructions when I read them seemed to point more to the parallel tools and not the bootcamp tools.

    RTFM did not work for me it seemed :(

    Anyone know of a work around that does not involve nuking your install or relying on crappy system restore since it is one of the services I disable in every setup? Also I would rather reinstall my OS than use System Restore.
  14. Atomic_Fusion

    Atomic_Fusion Hunter

    No solution, but a HEAVY RECOMMENDATION for next time

    Well, my gut feelings paid off.

    I was having the same problems like all ya'll, and I've tried several things to restore my native Bootcamp so I could use the mouse and keyboard, but nothing worked. Fortunately, and I highly recommend all of you get ahold of this utility combo, I read this idea a few days ago, and decided to backup my Bootcamp partition with it (also a few days ago). I also made the "BartPE" boot CD and it came in handy today to restore my native Bootcamp to it's usable state.

    Now, not much had changed (except for incoming email) from my saved Bootcamp's state and my post-3096beta state -- only one was working and the other wasn't. So I copied my Thunderbird email data from the c:\Documents and Settings directories, restored the partition with the BartPE boot disk and Drive Image XML plug-in, and restored the Thunderbird email data back to the c:\Documents and Settings directories. And now native Bootcamp is up and running.

    I'm sorry I can't help those who don't have System Restore (which I, like one of the last guys said, immediately disable when I install XP) or Drive Image XML, but maybe next time, if you too will take advantage of this great utility like I did, things will be brighter for you too.

    Parallels recommends not using betas in production environments, but do we really listen? I don't. And as long as I keep a backup of my environment on hand, I'm not really taking a chance -- well maybe just for the inconvenience of having to restore things from a saved image.
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