Booting from VISTA Bootcamp (yet another thread, I know)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by alain, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. alain


    Hello TIm and Andrew,

    Why do you still block booting from a vista bootcamp disk ?

    It was working with a beta version (and it hangs during the boot but it was possible).

    Could you tell us what's your plan for using parallels with Vista bootcamp patition ?

    I very appreciate th use of Vista in a parallels VM but it will be wondeful if it is possible from bootcamp with vitsa.

    If you don't officially support it, please let users experiment this functionnality.

    Thanks very much to answer us,

  2. kuebler

    kuebler Bit Poster

    I have the same question. I created a new Vista (Home Premium) Bootcamp partition and, much to my dismay, I found that my Parallels 3170 no longer supports using this. After all the Vista hazzle I don't want to go back to WinXP, and I don't want to create a second (redundant) Parallels VM with Vista.

    Initially I thouhgt I made something wrong, but from what I read from the OP, Vista Bootcamp ist really not supported. Any knowledge whether there are ways around that, or when I might expect Vista Bootcamp to become supported?

    Thanks a lot for any hint.
  3. dragonpool


    Maybe because by default Vista requires a capable computer to run it but the VM in Parallels is not that capable. Taking the viedo card as an example, if Vista in bootcamp uses Aero which DirectX support is required, how does Parallels deal with it?
  4. kuebler

    kuebler Bit Poster

    But Vista in a virtual partition does run. So why not Vista in the Bootcamp partition?
  5. darkone


    maybe when apple supports vista in bootcamp parallels will. Apple currently only claim to support XP, even if vista does run under it..
  6. VTMac


    The most likely explanation is that the Parallels support for bootcamp involves more than just loading code on the partition. Obviously that piece would be the same on both XP and Vista. What people seem to be overlooking is that Vista has a totally different boot and driver mechanism, and before starting XP (or VIsta) parallels performs magic to swap those drivers in and out. I suspect there are various issues that have to be resolved before Vista Bootcamp can be supported, because it most certainly will be an entirely new set of code.

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