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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by krayola, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Shepherdboy

    Shepherdboy Bit poster

    Pirates and Civ4

    I would like to play Sid Meier's Pirates and Civ 4. Civ 4 because I already have the Windows version and don't want to repurchase and Pirates because it's not available for the Mac.

    I've installed Pirates and it runs but is much too slow to be playable.

  2. bombastinator

    bombastinator Member

    Do you want logs? IIRC theres some sort of logging feature on parallels. If it works the way I assume, one would not only know what crashes but exactly how.
  3. ncl

    ncl Bit poster

    As far as I can tell, Fallout Tactics doesn't work at all.

    It claims to only require DX7, and ships with a copy of DX8, so I was pretty surprised and disappointed when it didn't launch.

    I don't expect super-modern PC games to always work, but so far I haven't gotten anything to work. I'm a little cranky that I dropped $50 for this upgrade.
  4. R2D2

    R2D2 Bit poster

    My one PC game - MechWarrior 4.

    It looks like a problem with WINE since Linux guys get the same error.

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  5. 2careless

    2careless Bit poster

    Same here. Is there any tunable parameters in GW.exe?
    I've changed the graphics options in game to the lowest and still only get like 5-6 frames per second... not playable.

    Also got HL2/Counter Strike source to work. same story, very slow performance.
    To the developers, is it at all possible to assemble the WINE code mapping to DirectX?
  6. AlanH

    AlanH Pro

    Sounds a bit as though you may not have enabled DirectX in the VM video config.
  7. ncl

    ncl Bit poster

    No, I'm quite sure I enabled DirectX.

    Edit: Though, really, the fact that that's the common response kinda suggests that the Parallels folks botched the upgrade a bit — shipping with one of the big marketing features of the new release turned off by default for upgrade customers was perhaps a poor decision.
  8. casakid06

    casakid06 Bit poster

    RE: Warcraft III

    I play Warcraft on Windows b/c I had problems playing it on the mac side and there is also some other software i use while playing (banlist) that isnt available for the mac os...
  9. dylanjames

    dylanjames Junior Member

    I'd like to see Settlers III working under parallels. It installs, but crashes with a DirectX error before finishing launching.
  10. Akumu

    Akumu Bit poster


    I love this game and I use Bootcamp ONLY to play it nothing else as I prefer Parallels to leave OSX running for my real work.

    I am using the bootcamp partition through Parallels 3.0 and it won't boot now(dreaded hardware not compatible error but that is another story) ANY WAY I am using that installation of FFXI to test PD3 DX support and POL will start with sound and control with keyboard and gamepad but I get no picture it is just black, yes DX is checked, w/o it I see the picture and have control but it will of course fail as I log into the game.

    Unfortunately i have a OEM copy from another PC(that got Linux loaded on it) and it has updates including DX9. Would that being installed be a problem or does Parallels bypass it? I unfortunately can't seem to downgrade to 8.1 like i would prefer. All the instructions online fail miserably.

    any way to cut the story short(or rather not any longer) FFXI please work someday I love you but you are making me use Bootcamp.
  11. mkummer

    mkummer Member

    I know it needs 9.1 - but my games would be Tiger Woods PGA 2007 and MS FlightSim 2004 or newer...
  12. max-4004

    max-4004 Bit poster


    Eve-Online is about playable.
    But it has problems with mouse positions until the games goes into fullscreen. There are also some color issues and some white progresbars because they are coded with shaders.
    Hope Parallels can fix that.
  13. __alex

    __alex Bit poster

    The mouse position in EVE online makes it rather hard to get through the login screen (thank god for the tab key) and the progress bars are rather all white and weird looking. Mostly working though. Does a whole lot better than VMWare Fusion ;)
  14. slinberg

    slinberg Bit poster

    Not meaning to be rude in any way, but I see lots of people wanting to play Diablo and Warcraft in parallels, why?

    For Diablo, there are a lot of key mods (like PlugY) that are Windows-only. I don't know about WC, but I suspect that might be true there as well.
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  15. thughes

    thughes Bit poster


    I really don't want to have to buy a new version for the Mac when I already own the Windoze release.
  16. krayola

    krayola Bit poster

    I have Civ4 for mac and it works great -- I'd almost suggest to people that its worth buying any title that's out for Mac natively to go do so to encourage developers to release native mac games instead of relying on Parallels.
  17. mrwarren

    mrwarren Bit poster

    HalfLife 2

    Half-Life 2 would be killer. It's pretty much the only game I play in windows.
  18. Shidayu

    Shidayu Member

    Have a look at the options I posted here. You might have better luck than me.
  19. mrwarren

    mrwarren Bit poster

    I'm a newbie with tweaking options. I dont even know where to start, so I doubt I can get even as far as you did.
  20. solgae

    solgae Bit poster

    Guild wars isn't working on Parallels right now, even though it supports DirectX 8.1

    On VMware Fusion beta 3, Guild wars did ran, but with heavy texture problems.

    It's a bit disappointment that even DX8.1 games wouldn't run at all.

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