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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by krayola, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. AlanH

    AlanH Pro

    Interesting. I ran the same tests in XP SP2 Parallels on my PacPro. I *did* see textures in software lighting test in Parallels, but not in the hardware lighting test.

    My Parallels numbers (OS Window mode only):

    OpenGL-SW-L: 834
    OpenGL-HW-L: 446

    My OS X numbers:

    OpenGL-SW-L: 2007
    OpenGL-HW-L: 4211

    The really strange thing is that the Parallels hardware numbers are LOWER than the software ones, both in your tests and in mine. I've no idea what that's all about!
  2. ranjeetsodhi

    ranjeetsodhi Bit poster

    It isn't supported. It starts (the main C&C logo pops up) and then hangs...
    C&C 3 Tiberium wars works fine when booting into Vista using Bootcamp.
  3. eriqthegeek

    eriqthegeek Member

    Rise of Nations

    It's SOOO close ... it's technically playable, but the graphics on the buildings are all messed up, just showing mostly white blocks, and there's also some graphics corruption on the upper left corner.

    I would love to be able to play this game.

  4. lanceweber

    lanceweber Bit poster

    +1 for Civ4/Warlords!
  5. ernie

    ernie Member

    The 32bit mouse cursor works, at least thats something!! The rest looks like it was multi layered scene and someone came along and switch several of the critical layers off, like the characters.

    You would think that with several million Guild Wars players, with no Mac version of the game, that this one would be a bit of a priority to support.

    I had to buy an XP machine to play Guild Wars and thats all it gets used for, I use the Mac Mini for everything else!
  6. mbeaver

    mbeaver Bit poster

    I would like to see:

    DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online)
  7. gene

    gene Bit poster

    Medieval II

    Medieval II, along with the rest of the Total War games (Rome, etc)

  8. bruss147

    bruss147 Bit poster

    I'd like GuildWars to work better. It's currently only getting 3 fps, so is unplayable.

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 would be nice, too, but I don't really care.
    It's really choppy and slow, but runs. Some of the drawing seems to have problems.
  9. Frungi

    Frungi Junior Member

    GameTap Player.
  10. crunchy2

    crunchy2 Bit poster

    Motocross Madness 2

    It's an older game and when actually within the gameplay it works well (at least at 640x480 - higher resolutions don't work as well), but the game is, for some reason, extremely choppy when in the menus, course selection, etc, such that the mouse is extremely difficult to use. You move the mouse and a second or two later you see where it ended up. That bad. Which is really weird since once you get the the game going it works very smoothly. So all it needs is a fix for the menus and it would be more than adequate on my 1st gen MacBook 2 GHz.
  11. zdkd

    zdkd Bit poster

    Guild Wars and Oblivion

    I'd like to see both Guild Wars and Oblivion Elder Scrolls work and be playable.
  12. ernie

    ernie Member

    I would like to see Guild Wars running properly as there is no Mac version of it available due to it only support DirectX.
  13. ifriit

    ifriit Bit poster

    My votes:
    Titan Quest
    Galactic Civilizations 2 (w/ Dark Avatar expansion)
    Civilization 4 (w/all expansions)
    Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War (w/Winter Assault & Dark Crusade)
  14. captvanhalen

    captvanhalen Bit poster

    So far i have tested (without success)

    GTA3: Vice City
    Thief 2

    The whole reason i upgraded was to play these games. Patiently awaiting patches. :D
  15. frankie

    frankie Junior Member

    City of Heroes *almost* works

    Which is pretty impressive considering it's a DX9 game. It throws a brief "no support for nv_vertex_program" alert during launch, but then proceeds to load the game.

    I was able to log in, select a server, start creating a hero, before I got tired of dealing with the one eensy bug under Parallels: the mouse cursor won't display, so you have to navigate around by only feel and mouseover hilites.

    NWN2 puts enough strain on my MBP under BootCamp, I wouldn't want to try it under Parallels with only a quarter as much VRAM being virtualized. But the NWN2 Toolset... now that would be something worth Parallelizing.
  16. Wizkid

    Wizkid Bit poster

    Flight Simulator

    Flight Simulator - latest Version
    Railroad Simulator from KUJU

  17. statesman

    statesman Bit poster

    City of Heroes

    I have City of Heroes running under Parallels as well and it seems allright, except for the missing mouse issue. It is almost playable, but navigation and mouse-specific actions are quite difficult, as is actually getting to some of the support options where I could tweak my graphics for improved gameplay. Its really close to working seemelssly. I do have some long load imes and some stutter, but that may be able to be corrected by me.
  18. rekh

    rekh Bit poster


    ...would luv to get this up and running!
  19. airolson

    airolson Junior Member

    Another vote for GalCiv2 and a new vote for Space Rangers 2.

    edit: and Morrowind.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2007
  20. steve black

    steve black Bit poster

    my vote

    I'd like to see more of the games from working. In particular (and neither of these should need recent directx versions):

    Strategic Command 2 (almost works but with occasional errors and gross graphic corruption)

    Combat Mission (I've only tested the original version)

    Battlefront release good functional demos for testing if that helps.

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