Broken Games - Speak up here if you want to see a particular game working.

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by krayola, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. dan537

    dan537 Junior Member


    Final Fantasy XI is the only reason I am still using Boot Camp. Would love to see this running under Parallels.
  2. Member

    I want to run Real Flight 3.5
  3. moose88

    moose88 Bit poster

    In parallel tools, try turning off the mouse sync option.
    Dont know if it will work for you. but it helped me out with a few other things :D
  4. Ramzeska

    Ramzeska Bit poster

    Lineage c4 don`t work

    when Lineage C4 start you see warning " The game not be consistant because AGP is deactivated" , after it you see black screen and lineage`s cursor, after it if you use high acceleration level windows crash , if you use normal acceleration level lineage crash and goto windows desktop.
  5. ohsowicked

    ohsowicked Bit poster

    I'm trying to get Ragnarok Online up and running on parallels. It's the only reason I'm bothering with Windows on my Macbook Pro.
  6. buddhak0n

    buddhak0n Bit poster

    LOTRO- Lord of the Rings ONLINE.

    Jeez-- All I get is a white screen and it's the ONLY reason I'd want to use a "windoze" virtualization in the first place.

    DirectX support in 3.0? Hardly... Frankly I can't even get windows media player to play a VIDEO at all in Vista...

    I haven't even tried playing a DVD ... The Video Driver that comes with Parallels is just junk... there is no such thing as 3D.. It's hilarious they even tried to sell it that way.:)
  7. aguydude

    aguydude Member

    It'd be nice of Gamemaker 7 games worked.
  8. oxonian

    oxonian Member

    Starfleet Command

    I've tried the old classic Starfleet Command II, specifically I grabbed the demo and ran it.

    It does run, but only just. The screen is jerky, the mouse movement is very jerky, and there is now sound.

    Since it is an older game, maybe only moderate work is needed to make it viable?
  9. angryelvis

    angryelvis Bit poster


    Just want to add my voice to the chorus asking for Civ4. Also, I would like to see Poker Academy Pro 2 working, it hangs at the splash screen.
  10. Kreme314

    Kreme314 Bit poster

    I have installed and Run the new harry Potter Game, and it runs fine (weell, that is to say, just as badly as it runs on the PC, which is pretty bad) but the text within the game is unreadable. It appears as a white blob of the outline of the text, so it is tantalizingly close to being decipherable.

    I don't know if this is a weird issue with my display (a flat panel), a font install issue with the 'guest' Windows, or simply an incompatibility in the DirectX support Parallels has.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or can at least tell me what the issue is so I can stop trying to fix it if its Parallels?
  11. kelvSYC

    kelvSYC Bit poster

    Gameplay for The Settlers II 10th Anniversary isn't working, although the game does run to the menus, so I assume that gameplay itself requires DX9. (I'm told that the original Settlers II works fine, but I have not been able to verify it myself)

    C&C:The First Decade works for some games and not for others, obviously (I want to see if I can have Mac Generals and PC Generals in one shared folder structure - ie. one common set of data files). I'm getting graphical problems with the early games, but that has nothing to do with Parallels itself.

    I'm interested in whether it is possible to have one set of files for a few cross-platform games (eg. Civ4, Warcraft III, etc.) in a shared folder structure - good for games where cross-platform multiplayer gaming is not implemented...
  12. polliard

    polliard Bit poster

    Game: Guild Wars

    Has anyone gotten Guild Wars to run and if so what options. Otherwise, I request that Guildwars get added to the list of games that are currently broken :)
  13. loomerds

    loomerds Bit poster

    American Conquest

    I've been trying, without success, to get American Conquest - Divided Nation by cdv running under Parallels. The game runs and I get sound, but only a black screen. Any suggestions, anyone?

  14. maddi

    maddi Bit poster


    I would really like to see Hurrican running under Parallels, since I specifically bought it for this game ;) is the Homepage of the game
  15. stephendeo

    stephendeo Bit poster

    All Codemasters games

    This game is from

    1. I installed Archlord on a brand new copy of Windows XP Pro SP2 (no windows update)
    2. Enabled DirectX Support from the VM Options.
    3. Left the Video Memory to 16MB and the main Memory to 512
    4. Started Windows XP up and launched Archlord
    5. Game booted up as normal
    6. Got to the loading screen after loading Parallel crashes so does the MacOS
    7. I force rebooted my machine, and tried again, this time, I made sure all the graphics are OFF.
    8. Game ran, got to the loading screen everything crashed again...but.. then it got to the next screen which was the loggin screen for archlord.
    9. However, the login screen was SLOW the frame rate was very very slow even with all the graphics lowed to NOTHING.
    10. I was able to log into the game, with the same problem it ran for about 10mins with horrible frame rate and lowered graphics...then it crashes Parallel followed by the MacOS. Then I shut down my mac, and cried myself to sleep....

    Help me?!

    This is what i'm running:

    MacBook Pro Laptop
    Intel Core Duo 2
    4GIB memory
    160 GIB Hard Drive
    17" Monitor HD
    256 Geforce nVidia
  16. rezonat0r

    rezonat0r Bit poster

    Unreal Gold

    Unreal Gold (which is DX7) looks great and runs smoothly at 1650x1050, but surprisingly runs TOO fast at times! You'll be walking (or running) along and all of a sudden start moving twice as fast as you should be for periods of time. Sound remains OK though. Anyone else seen this?
  17. stormj

    stormj Member

    I'd like to see any of the EA Sports games working, NHL 2007 in particular.
  18. Loon

    Loon Bit poster


    Lord of the Rings Online would be nice.
  19. gscarcel

    gscarcel Bit poster

    More broken games

    Heros of the Pacific & Apache air asault...
  20. frnboy

    frnboy Bit poster

    Lord of the Rings

    I'd vote for LOTR Online as well.

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