Broken Games - Speak up here if you want to see a particular game working.

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by krayola, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. hedgehog

    hedgehog Bit poster

    Final Fantasy XI

    Wanted to add another notch in the column for those wanting FFXI support. It's not dead yet!! And it's the only thing left in Windows that I need boot camp for. :(
  2. Volvic

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    i would like to see GTA San Andreas working!

    so far it crashes right after loading the intro scene.

    Microsofts error message then sends me to the T2 website where they suggest upgrading the video drivers...
  3. Volvic

    Volvic Bit poster

    here is what take 2 says


    I get a black screen then the game crashes back to desktop.

    This issue is generally caused by a videocard incompatibility from either the hardware or the software (drivers) installed.

    Firstly, ensure your videocard is compatible with the game. Refer to the minimum specification of the game and to the link below for instructions on checking your system matches or exceeds the minimum requirements.

    If your card meets the requirements to run the game ensure your videocard drivers are the latest available from your videocard manufacturer.

    Common videocard manufacturer links:




    S3 Graphics

  4. rayjay

    rayjay Bit poster

    Duke Nukem - manhattan project
    -Broken in 4560- works great in 4128. Crashes after clicking "play". Plays best in 4128 under directx, however will play under open gl too.
  5. falco

    falco Bit poster

    MS Flight simulator. Runs under bootcamp fine, but refuses to run under Parallels 3.0 saying that the graphics card is not sufficient (Mac Book Pro with RadeonX1600).
  6. BelgianBull

    BelgianBull Bit poster

    America's Army v2.81

    The game start up very well.
    Parallels 5060 + BootCamp XP PRO SP2
    Mac Pro 4Gb RAM; 1,5Gb RAM for Parallels
    Nvidia 7300GT
    OSX 10.4.10

    If I play a couple minutes, the "PunkBuster" kicked me out the game. It has something to do with API's...
  7. ustice

    ustice Bit poster

    Dungeons and Dragons online, please.
  8. bearzero

    bearzero Bit poster

    Sim City

    Well, I'd hoped the upgrade would allow Sim City to work. No such luck. I might have to go buy the Mac edition. Anyone get it to work?
  9. Ilynnie

    Ilynnie Bit poster

    Guild Wars please! I bought Parallels with my MacBook Pro just to play it and it is unplayable! So please get it to work in updates/patches/new versions!
  10. forgie

    forgie Member

    Red Alert 2 is now playable, but it takes ages (3-5 minutes) to load first the app, and then an actual game. Is there anyway I can help with debugging info or anything like that to try and help SWSoft fix this up?
  11. smotto

    smotto Bit poster

    I've been having problems with all of my downloaded games from Big Fish and Real Arcade. I'd already purchased many that are not available yet for Mac OS and was excited for the possibility of not losing my money. I'm running Vista Business in Parallels and none of the games (of which I've tried many) are working (either major sound/graphic issues or the mouse issue already acknowledged). I know on my old PC some games ran better if you selected "run as administrator" or "run in XP mode"; however, this screen is greyed out under Properties. Anyone else having issues manually selecting the run as admin option on individual programs?

    Thanks all!
  12. Bit poster

    I cannot run Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
    Installs OK but goes to black screen when trying to run program.
    Using MacBook with Intel Core2 Duo,
  13. odaugaard

    odaugaard Bit poster

    Video issue with heroes of might and magic 3

    I was wondering, is there a simple setting that can be changes so that you can run Heroes III in parallels?

    When you start the game, the game-screen is only half size of the actual desktop. Whrn you press 'full screen' it tries to expand, but instead the game-screen keeps it size, and optains big black borders instead..

    Any help or suggestions?

  14. jjprusk

    jjprusk Bit poster

    I would like to see RealFlight G3 ( simulator work on Parallels. It works fine on my Mac Mini under BootCamp, but will not work under a Parallels VM. I have tried both v3 (build 4560) and the newest beta version (build 5120) and both show a large number of errors and eventually quit. RealFlight requires directx 9, which supposedly the newest verison of Parallels (at least the beta version, anyway) supports.
  15. justin

    justin Bit poster

  16. Member

    I think its a little unreal if you ask me.. This support for 3D / DirectX should have been the first thing put into this software. Before its over with you will have as much money in running windows on Mac as you would have if you just bought a windows machine to begin with.

    A decent windowsXP with decent memory/disk space from Compaq you can get for around $600 from BestBuy..

    Right now I as well as many others have

    $200 in windowsXP software
    $80 in Parallels
    $40 in Parallels update
    Total $320.00 (not counting shipping)

    If I would have known I had to sink all this money into just running windows I would have bought a windows.

    Its unreal.. Very disappointed!!!

    Added: If this only supports directX 8.1 will we have to pay for another update to support DirectX 9+ ??

    Last edited: Sep 6, 2007
  17. Bigfoot_H2O

    Bigfoot_H2O Bit poster

    Conquer Online

    Id like to see Conquer Online working. Its almost there, it starts up just fine but then crashes when you have some interaction. I bought Parallels just to run this program. If it dont work it would have been a wast of my money. It works great in boot camp.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2007
  18. TheaHardy

    TheaHardy Bit poster

    Big Fish trouble, too.

    One reason I got Parallels was in the belief that these simpler games would be no problem to run. Much to my dismay, such is not the case. I have just run across this problem and don't actually know what the hang-up is. What exactly are the limitations? Can someone explain this to me. I speak low to intermediate geek so should be able to understand.

  19. Daij-Djan

    Daij-Djan Bit poster

    GW works well not fine (slowly)

    To disable MOST artifacts and make it playpal turn off that checkbox bottom left of graphics tab..... called somethind like: apply extended post-processing
    Just reduce the graphics :: especially shading to reduce more artifacts

    still though - even at 800x600 it is too slow to really play :/
    Boot camp it is :(

    Anyways::: Great Direct3D works now :)
  20. Member

    Lets put it this way, there are alot of limitations it seems.

    A windows95 game that requires only directX 6, Any sound card, only 16MB of Ram has problems playing on Parallels. The video is crappy, the sound comes and goes, and the game is extremely slow.

    I think you will have a very hard time finding anything that would run proper aside from very small apps that dont require too many functions.

    Parallels is not worth the investment of money or time spent getting it to work..


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