Broken Games - Speak up here if you want to see a particular game working.

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by krayola, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. QueensGambit

    QueensGambit Bit poster

    My list:

    DX < 9

    Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
    The Longest Journey
    Diablo II+expansion
    Guild Wars
    Wizardry 8
    Syberia I,II
    Arx Fatalis
    Quest for Glory V (to work properly, I read users have problems with sound)

    DX = 9.0 (a,b,c)

    Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
    Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Warrior Within, Two Thrones
    Broken Sword 3,4
    Beyond Good and Evil
    Still Life
    Secret Files Tunguska
    Sherlock Holmes
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    Sid Mayers Pirates!
    Jade Empire
    Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

    Also it would be fantastic if emulators (e.g. ePSXe, PSX, pcsx2, N64 emu's) where among the supported 3D apps.
  2. kcallagh

    kcallagh Bit poster


    I really want to see Diablo II, Unreal Tournament 2003, American McGee's Alice, and Tomb Raider Legends run inside Parallels. I've tried installing the first two games and they install fine, but won't run -- something about there being no appropriate video mode or drivers. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? It would be MUCH appreciated!

  3. crash13

    crash13 Bit poster

    more broken games

    kings crusaders works fine in OS screen, but in full screen the whole screen goes black. You must then restart windows and game. Set windows resolution to highest setting to use about 3/4 of the 20 inch screen, then works ok. parallels 3.0, lastest build.
  4. Ravenwolfie

    Ravenwolfie Bit poster

    My Requests

    Might be a bit odd...but I would love to see these work via parallels.

    2. Guild Wars
    3. City of Heroes/Villains

  5. Goldie

    Goldie Bit poster

    The Sims 2 and all EPs, as well at The Sims 1
  6. nosodualie

    nosodualie Member

    The demos for Half Life 2 and Medal of Honor: Airborne currently do not work. Would be great to get them running.
  7. benj

    benj Bit poster

    Age of Empires 3:
    Games works great...only problem is that that when you move the mouse to the top of the screen (it's supposed to scroll the map up), it doesn't do anything. That's when you play it using full screen OS mode. Maybe because the menu bar is up top? Then...when playing it under coherence using full screen you can scroll using the top fine, but you cant scroll down by mousing the bottom of the screen. Is this because the dock is down there?

    Weird...any thoughts?
  8. jd300

    jd300 Junior Member

    i would like to see the sims work help ideas greatly appericated
  9. david_mcmillen

    david_mcmillen Bit poster

    City of Heroes!

    City of Heroes is (almost) the sole reason for my Boot Camp partition, because I haven't been able to get that game to run with reasonable performance under Parallels. It runs, but it gives an error at launch: "Your card or driver doesn't support GL_NV_vertex_program". This error (which doesn't occur when I reboot and play through Boot Camp) seems to limit the graphics severely, and the game plays only in at a tiny size (640x480 or something in that range, not sure, but it's puny!), and can't support any of the fancy graphical settings.

    I'm running Parallels Desktop 3.0, Build 5160, on a MacBook Pro (nVidia GeForce 8600M video card), and yes, I have checked "Enable DirectX support" in the Video pane of the Virtual Machine preferences. The Windows version is XP SP2 (same version is used for both Parallels and Boot Camp). I visited nVidia's site from inside Parallels and used their beta "auto-detect the necessary video card drivers" feature, and it came back with "Parallels driver 0.0" and said my drivers were up to date; downloading their 8600 drivers manually came back with a message that no supported hardware was found, so it wouldn't install.

    I'd love to be able to dispense with rebooting to play CoH, and I've seen others wishing for this as well -- if there's some fix for this, we'd all be appreciative!
  10. david_mcmillen

    david_mcmillen Bit poster

    To reply to myself: it was defaulting to 800x600, but I've just found that if you choose the resolution in-game to be Windowed, you can get a full-screen size out of it. The 3D acceleration is still missing, though, so you're playing a pale shadow of what the game is capable of generating.
  11. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    Hello david_mcmillen,

    I'm sorry to say that DirectX 9.x graphics technology is not supported by the current version of Parallels Desktop. So the game's graph possibilities will be limited. Please excuse us for the inconvenience caused. We are working hard to solve the issue.

    Best regards,
  12. leilzza

    leilzza Bit poster

    The Sims 2

    You probably get this a lot, seeing as this is one of the number one PC games of all time, but I'd really love to see The Sims 2 working in parallels. I had every single expansion pack available (for windows though) and then we got the mac. There was no way I was going to buy the base game PLUS all those expansion packs all over again, so I couldn't play it for months. Understandably, I was very excited at the release of parallels. I bought parallels only so that I could play The Sims 2, and what happens when I get it? It can't even run DirectX.
    I tried everything--enabling DirectX in the videos options, downloading it (I probably tried about ten times) checking to make sure it's actually ON the computer (it is, it's DirectX 9.0c). I also have the latest version of parallels.
    So yes, it'd be great to actually be able to play my favorite game on parallels.
  13. alorain

    alorain Bit poster


    does anyone know if Pirates of the Caribbean (Bethesda) will run? I tried it under the VM machine but it crashes upon loading the .ddl bundles. When i looked at the error report, it said my windows version was Windows NT 5, when i was clearly running Windows Xp Sp2...
  14. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    You must have DirectX 9.x or higher to install Pirates of the Caribbean. As I've said before, this graphics technology is not supported by the current version of Parallels Desktop. Sorry!
    Please, look at the System Requirements before asking if any other games will work.

    Best regards,
  15. rdean

    rdean Member

    America's Army V2.8.2

    I can currently run all of the offline training and it looks great. When I go on an actual online deployment (Bridge Crossing for example) some of the texture looks like a chess board but the bridge and the combat actually work for a while, but then it starts to degrade and the screen begins to blink black. According to the documentation, AA requires directx v9.0 support, which I know that Parallels does not currently support, but it would be great to add this game to list. Or at least give it another vote!

    Thanks for all of the hard work Parallel's development team!
  16. justinhoward

    justinhoward Bit poster

    Hi Xenos

    Thanks for the previous posts in regards windows95, I got it working without a problem, same with XP and W2000. I have 1 problem though and having a huge problem trying to get MS Train Simulator to work. It loads and installs fine. The problem comes in when it tries to launch into the various options after having loaded into cache what it needs to load. It hangs and only pressing ESC does it escape and the programme crashes. From what I can make out it uses DirectX 8.

    Would it be possible to work out a solution for this problem?

    Great software!!
    Justin Howard
  17. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team


    justinhoward, please check if DirectX Support is enabled in your VM's Configuration Editor (Video).
    DirectX 8 is supported (DirectX 9 - not yet).

    Best regards,
  18. Caesar

    Caesar Bit poster

    Does Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will be ever supported under Parallels?

    I haven't Pro Evolution Soccer 2008... but when I launch PES6 the games starts but it appears 180° flipped and specular. Any idea?
  19. D5314

    D5314 Bit poster

    MS Train Simulator

    Here's another vote for MS Train Simulator version 1.2 (Xplosiv) to be supported, please. The info I needed today is in this thread already, thanks everyone. It looks like I need to wait for DirectX 9.0 to be supported so that I can run this game on my XP VM. When 9 is supported it will be worth upgrading from my unnumbered version* of Parallels Desktop for Mac. Or is there another solution I could try?
    Keep up the good work.
    *Dontcha just love customers who stay current?
  20. musk

    musk Junior Member

    IMVU used to work but no longer does! It worked very well for me with build 5160 on OS X 10.4.11. It has not worked since upgrading to Mac OS 10.5.1 and Parallels builds 5560, 5580 and now 5582. I hope this will get fixed soon. Someone please let me know if there's something I can test.

    IMVU link:

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