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    I just upgraded from PD2 to PD4, with XP Pro as the guest OS. I'm getting high memory leakage, or something similar, in IE7 and Firefox. Task Manager will show IE7 initially using about 40 MB memory. Memory usage, even with one window open will gradually climb as I do my online work, reaching 300+MB in under an hour. VM will eventually slow to a crawl. I've searched for a relevant thread but haven't seen this issue. I have seen the threads that discuss slowness under PD4 and I've made some changes to see if those would resolve my problem. They've increased the speed when memory isn't taxed, but the browser memory problem hasn't budged.

    I did not have this problem with PD2, so I'm assuming the problem has something to do with PD4, as opposed to how my browsers are setup.

    My system:

    1. Mac OS Version 10.4.11
    2. Parallels Build #3810
    3. What kind of computer MacBook
    4. Total Physical RAM 1 GB
    5. Hard Drives 1 with 74 GB
    6. If you are using a BootCamp configuration or not No
    7. Did you upgrade from a BETA No
    8. With what Build did the problem start 3810
    9. If Parallels Tools are installed Yes
    10. Anything you have tried to get things working

    Uninstalled and reinstalled PD4.
    Disabled shared folders, profiles, apps., Smart Mount, and Smart Guard.
    Unistalled and reinstalled Parallel Tools multiple times.
    I've run IE7 w/o add-ins. Same problem. That should eliminate some causes, but I'm not sure what.
    Firefox 3.5.1 creates the same memory problem.
    Other programs, such as Excel, don't create the same problem.
    I've checked the devices for problems, but there are no warning flags.

    11. Anything specific about your set-up you think we should know. None that I can think of.
    12. If you are crashing, upload some crash logs. No crashing.
    13. If you are getting an error message type it in and then attach a screenshot. No error messages
    14. If you are having issues with a specific component (i.e. mouse, keyboard, monitor) tell us what it is. None that I see.

    I've attached a text file showing the contents of my config.pvs file.

    If anyone has a similar setup without this problem and is willing to share their config file for comparison, or who has a good idea what the problem is (perhaps with a fix), assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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