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    I thought this issue had been solved but here it is once again.

    Since Parallels has replaced the AC97 audio driver with the Parallels Audio Driver (about starting from version 6.x - now I can't remember the exactly version) I start to have troubles with Skype and Adobe Connect Pro. Both of them cause a BSOD after a few minutes (generally not more then an hour) I started a new audio session (with Skype) or a conference (with Connect Pro).

    In details, for Skype, I have the following sympton. I start a Skype phone call (without video). I can hear and I can speak for about 5/10 minutes. Then I can hear people speaking but people doesn't hear me. At this point I enter into Skype audio configuration and, oplà, BSOD! The BSOD occurs even if I disconnect myself from the Skype call and I try to remake the call.

    The same problem occurs with Adobe Connect Pro even if, in this case, the system seems to be more stable. Infact I can have my conference (always without video) for about one hour after that, not always but often, a BSOD occurs.

    I never had any type of problem while the audio driver was the standard AC'97.

    I think that this problem may be the same as this.

    At the moment, to bypass the problem, I'm using Skype and Connect Pro from Mac ...

    It's my opinion that the Parallels Desktop Audio Driver is very very unstable.

    Any idea?

    Thank you.
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    Hi annett, thank you for your interest with my case.

    Attached you can find the last two minidumps, both caused by a Skype Session.
    Unfortunately I cannot find the full BSOD message (I searched in the Event Viewer).

    Anyway, I can cause a new BSOD simply using Skype.

    Thank you.

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